News Item text about Infrastructure projects: roads, bridges, airports with 10 multiple choices test and key answer

         News item text adalah jenis teks dalam bahasa Inggris yang biasanya digunakan untuk menyampaikan informasi aktual tentang peristiwa atau kejadian terkini. Teks ini sering kali memiliki struktur yang jelas, mulai dari judul, ringkasan singkat, hingga informasi rinci tentang peristiwa yang dibahas. Berikut salah satu contohnya

Infrastructure Projects Accelerate Across the Nation

As the country emerges from economic downturns, a surge in infrastructure projects is reshaping the nation's transportation landscape. With a focus on improving connectivity and efficiency, roads, bridges, and airports are undergoing extensive renovations and expansions.

The government's commitment to infrastructure revitalization is evident in the ambitious road construction projects spanning coast to coast. Major highways are being widened, and new express lanes are being added to alleviate traffic congestion. Additionally, bridge rehabilitation efforts are underway to ensure safety and reliability for commuters.

Furthermore, airports are undergoing significant upgrades to accommodate growing passenger volumes and enhance travel experiences. Modernization initiatives include terminal expansions, runway renovations, and the implementation of advanced security and passenger screening technologies.

Test Your Knowledge:

1. What is the focus of the infrastructure projects?

a) Housing

b) Transportation

c) Healthcare

d) Education

2. Which transportation mode is NOT mentioned in the article?

a) Roads

b) Bridges

c) Railways

d) Ports

3. What is being added to major highways to alleviate traffic congestion?

a) Toll booths

b) Parking lots

c) Express lanes

d) Traffic lights

4. What is undergoing rehabilitation to ensure safety and reliability for commuters?

a) Airports

b) Train stations

c) Bridges

d) Bus stops

5. What is NOT mentioned as a part of airport modernization initiatives?

a) Terminal expansions

b) Runway renovations

c) Implementation of advanced security technologies

d) Expansion of parking lots

6. What is the main reason behind the surge in infrastructure projects?

a) Economic downturns

b) Environmental concerns

c) Political agendas

d) Population growth

7. Which of the following is NOT a part of the government's commitment to infrastructure revitalization?

a) Road construction

b) Bridge rehabilitation

c) Housing subsidies

d) Airport upgrades

8. What is being reshaped by the surge in infrastructure projects?

a) Healthcare systems

b) Transportation landscape

c) Education curriculum

d) Agricultural practices

9. What are airports undergoing to enhance travel experiences?

a) Terminal contractions

b) Runway closures

c) Passenger volume reduction

d) Terminal expansions

10. What is NOT mentioned as a part of bridge rehabilitation efforts?

a) Safety improvements

b) Reliability enhancements

c) Beautification projects

d) Infrastructure expansion

Key Answers:

  1. b) Transportation
  2. c) Railways
  3. c) Express lanes
  4. c) Bridges
  5. d) Expansion of parking lots
  6. a) Economic downturns
  7. c) Housing subsidies
  8. b) Transportation landscape
  9. d) Terminal expansions
  10. c) Beautification projects

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