Sura and Baya Narrative Text soal essay lengkap dengan kunci Jawaban

         Narrative text adalah jenis teks yang menceritakan sebuah rangkaian peristiwa atau cerita. Tujuan utama dari narrative text adalah untuk menghibur pembaca atau pendengar, serta memberikan pengalaman imajinatif melalui cerita yang disajikan. Teks ini sering mengandung elemen-elemen seperti tokoh, latar, alur cerita, konflik, dan resolusi. Narrative text biasanya dimulai dengan pengenalan tokoh dan latar, kemudian berkembang melalui serangkaian peristiwa yang membentuk alur cerita, mencapai puncaknya di konflik, dan diakhiri dengan penyelesaian atau akhir cerita.

         Dalam narrative text, struktur yang umum digunakan terdiri dari tiga bagian utama: orientasi, komplikasi, dan resolusi. Orientasi adalah bagian awal cerita yang memperkenalkan tokoh, tempat, dan waktu cerita. Komplikasi adalah bagian di mana konflik atau masalah muncul, yang membuat cerita menjadi menarik dan penuh tantangan. Resolusi adalah bagian akhir cerita di mana masalah yang dihadapi oleh tokoh diselesaikan, baik dengan cara yang menyenangkan maupun tidak. Contoh narrative text termasuk dongeng, legenda, mitos, dan cerita pendek yang sering kita temui dalam literatur anak-anak dan dewasa.

           Berikut Sura and Baya Narrative Text soal essay lengkap dengan kunci Jawaban

Sura and Baya 

          In a lush and vibrant forest, there lived two powerful creatures named Sura, a fierce shark, and Baya, a mighty crocodile. Despite their differences, both creatures shared a common goal: to claim dominion over the forest’s only river, which was a vital source of food and life. Their rivalry grew intense as both Sura and Baya believed they were the rightful rulers of the river. Each encounter between them escalated from verbal spats to fierce battles, shaking the very foundation of the forest.

          One day, after a particularly intense clash, they decided to settle their dispute with a final showdown. Sura proposed that they divide the river: the upper part for Sura and the lower part for Baya. Baya agreed to the deal, and they marked the boundaries clearly. For a while, peace reigned in the forest, and the creatures abided by their agreement. However, the temptation to encroach on each other’s territory was always lingering in their minds. One fateful day, driven by hunger and arrogance, Sura swam into Baya’s domain, hoping to find an easy meal. Baya, enraged by the trespass, retaliated with all his might.

          The fierce battle that ensued was unlike any other. Trees trembled, and the river turned turbulent as Sura and Baya fought with all their strength. In the end, both were gravely wounded, realizing too late the cost of their greed and pride. As they lay exhausted, the forest creatures approached and pleaded for peace. Humbled and weakened, Sura and Baya finally agreed to a truce, promising to respect each other's territories and live in harmony. The forest returned to its serene state, and Sura and Baya’s story became a lesson for all creatures about the value of peace and the consequences of unchecked ambition.

Essay Test
  1. Describe the initial relationship between Sura and Baya.
  2. What was the main source of conflict between Sura and Baya?
  3. How did Sura and Baya initially agree to settle their dispute?
  4. What led to the final battle between Sura and Baya?
  5. How did the forest creatures react to the conflict between Sura and Baya?
  6. What lesson did Sura and Baya learn from their final confrontation?
  7. Explain the role of the river in the story.
  8. How did Sura’s and Baya’s personalities contribute to their conflict?
  9. What can be inferred about the impact of the battle on the forest ecosystem?
  10. Discuss the significance of the truce between Sura and Baya.

Key Answers
  1. Sura and Baya had a hostile relationship, marked by intense rivalry and frequent battles over dominion of the river.
  2. The main source of conflict was their desire to control the forest's only river, which was essential for their survival.
  3. They initially settled their dispute by agreeing to divide the river, with Sura taking the upper part and Baya the lower part.
  4. The final battle was triggered by Sura trespassing into Baya’s territory out of hunger and arrogance.
  5. The forest creatures were distressed by the conflict and pleaded for peace when both Sura and Baya were gravely wounded.
  6. They learned the value of peace and the consequences of their greed and pride.
  7. The river was the vital source of life and sustenance in the forest, making it the focal point of their conflict.
  8. Sura’s arrogance and Baya’s fierce protectiveness contributed to their ongoing conflict and inability to coexist peacefully.
  9. The battle likely caused significant disruption to the forest ecosystem, as indicated by the trembling trees and turbulent river.
  10. The truce signified the end of conflict and the beginning of peaceful coexistence, serving as a lesson for all creatures about harmony and respect.

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