How Banjarsari village got its name Narrative Text Soal Pilihan Ganda dengan Kunci Jawaban

       It was the rainy season in Banten. The villagers who were farmers were happy as the rain would water their rice fields and soon they would harvest their rice. Pak Bong was one of the farmers. He was also very happy and planned what he would buy for himself, his wife and his beautiful, beloved daughter, Nyi Banjarsari. 

       One night, Pak Bong had a terrible dream. An old man came to him and said the rain would never stop. There would be a great flood. Pak Bong had the same dream in the following nights. He decided to tell all the villagers about his dream and asked them to evacuate to a hill not far from their village. Everybody laughed at Pak Bong. “You are joking, Pak Bong. How can we leave our rice fields? We are going to have a great harvest,remember?”

       Pak Bong did not give up. He kept on asking the villagers to evacuate to the hill.Finally some villagers believed him. Together with his wife and his daughter Nyi Banjarsari, Pak Bong and his friends went to the hill.

        In the meantime, heavy rain fell day and night. It continued until water entered the houses. Soon, the village was flooded! Pak Bong and his friends could not do anything. They were sad because their village was under water. Then they prayed and asked how their village could be saved. The answer came in Pak Bong’s dream. In his dream, the same old man told him how to save their village. “If you want the water to dry up, you have to sacrifice your daughter. She has to jump into the water!” said the old man.

       Pak Bong was very sad. He then told his family about his dream. “Father, if this is the only way to save our village, I will jump into the water,” said Nyi Banjarsari. Her parents could not prevent their daughter from jumping into the water.

         After she had drowned, the water dried up. Pak Bong and his friends then returned to their village. Although the villagers had lost their harvest, they still had their lives and could re-build their houses. To show their thankfulness and gratefulness to Nyi Banjarsari, the villagers named their village ‘Banjarsari’.

1. What is the best title for the story?

a. The climate in Banten

b. How Banjarsari village got its name

c. Pak Bong’s dreams

d. Pak Bong and his family

e. The beautiful woman, Banjarsari

2. Which of the following is correct?

a. There was no warning about the flood.

b. Nobody listened to Pak Bong.

c. Nyi Banjarsarsi died to save the village.

d. The villagers were able to save their rice fields.

e. The villagers were all with Pak Bong up the hill

3. ‘After she had drowned, the water dried up. ’The underlined word means:

a. died underwater

b. fallen into the water

c. jumped into the water

d. sank underwater

e. dived

4. “He decided to tell all the villagers about his dream and asked them to evacuate to a hill 

not far from their village.” The underlined word refers to …

a. The villagers

b. Pak Bong and his family

c. Pak bong and the oldman

d. The villagers and Pak bong

e. The old man and Banjarsary

5. I was doing my project on writing a narrative story when I suddenly … a loud shout far 

 away from my house. 

A. listen to

B. hear

C. heard

D. listened to

E. whispered

6. Narti said that the school … organizing a trip for the students of Year 10 only.

A. be

B. is

C. are

D. were

E. was


1. B

2. C

3. A

4. B

5. C

6. E

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