Visit To A Swimming Pool: Recount Text Dengan Soal Multiple Choice lengkap dengan kunci Jawaban

Visit To A Swimming Pool: Recount Text Dengan Soal pilihan ganda lengkap dengan kunci Jawaban

       I recently visited a local swimming pool, excited about a refreshing day ahead. The vibrant atmosphere, filled with the sounds of splashing water and laughter, welcomed me as I entered. The sparkling blue water beckoned, inviting me to plunge into its cool embrace. I swam leisurely, enjoying the rhythmic strokes and the weightlessness that water provides.

       The poolside was bustling with activity; families and friends gathered, sharing moments of joy. Children, with bright floaties, played gleefully, creating a lively ambiance. The sun's warmth kissed my skin as I lounged by the pool, soaking in the relaxed vibes. The refreshing dip and the overall experience left me rejuvenated, a perfect escape from the routine.

Now, let's move on to the multiple-choice questions:

1. What was the atmosphere like at the swimming pool?

a) Calm and quiet

b) Vibrant and lively

c) Dark and gloomy

d) Noisy and chaotic

2. What color was the water in the pool?

a) Red

b) Yellow

c) Blue

d) Green

3. What activity did the children engage in at the poolside?

a) Reading

b) Playing with toys

c) Playing with floaties

d) Doing yoga

4. How did the visit to the swimming pool leave the narrator feeling?

a) Exhausted

b) Anxious

c) Rejuvenated

d) Bored

5. What sound filled the air as the narrator entered the swimming pool?

a) Silence

b) Music

c) Splashing water and laughter

d) Birds chirping

6. What did the narrator do in the pool?

a) Sat by the side

b) Played with toys

c) Swam leisurely

d) Slept

7. What was the poolside bustling with?

a) Silence

b) Activity

c) Darkness

d) Fear

8. What did the sun's warmth feel like on the narrator's skin?

a) Cold

b) Burning

c) Wet

d) Kissed

9. Who were present at the poolside?

a) Only adults

b) Only children

c) Families and friends

d) No one

10. What did the overall experience provide the narrator with?

a) Stress

b) Boredom

c) Rejuvenation

d) Anxiety

Key Answers:

1. b) Vibrant and lively

2. c) Blue

3. c) Playing with floaties

4. c) Rejuvenated

5. c) Splashing water and laughter

6. c) Swam leisurely

7. b) Activity

8. d) Kissed

9. c) Families and friends

10. c) Rejuvenation

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