A. Background of The Study

The teacher wanted the learners to practice English when this subject is running. But it make the students brave and confidence to practice English in the class is not easy. Limited time become one of causal factor. The limited skills of teacher. The teacher only explain the grammar and the structure of English to fulfill the curriculum target and mostly they speak bahasa in teaching. The teacher had no time to focus on speaking achievement. In SMK or SMA especially in tenth grade, the English teacher was used conventional method to teach and speak English rarely when teaching. The teachers begin explaining while the students are listening, then do the assignments. Therefore the researcher wants to improve the student’s quality, focus on speaking because language was speech not writing and language is a set of habits.

There were three main problems in the situation above. The problems came from three factors, they were from teacher’s factor, student’s factor and school’s factor. One of the way to solve the problem will be use of technique. According to Anthony (in Richards and Rodgers, 1986: 15),Technique is an implementation that which actually takes place in a classroom. It is a particular trick, stratagem or contrivance use to accomplish an immediate objective.According to Scrivener (2005: 98)Elicitation means drawing out information, language, and ideas from the students.The technique is based on principles such as (1) Student probably know a lot more than we may give them credit for; (2) Starting with what they know is a productive way to begin new work; (3) Involving people in question – and - answer movement towards new discoveries is often more effective than simply giving ‘lectures’.

In 10th grade the students was able to speak up in the class, answer the questions with oral skill, and brave to tell their own arguments. Almost the students of tenth grade in this school are very passive. Many factors which are made the students hard to speak up. Such lack of vocabularies, they are used to speak their Indonesian language.

In English subject the teacher was be important role of students learning success. Because of English is one of subject which test in final examination. In the other hand the teacher wants their learners good in speaking, the teacher is used English when teaching. In contrary the English teacher used Indonesian mostly than English. The teacher speaks English then translates into Indonesian directly. The students was not challenge with this method. Base on the characteristic of the problems, they will be solved by giving elicitation technique.

According to Scrivener (2005: 99), there are three steps to eliciting. They are:

1.      Teacher conveys a clear idea to the students, perhaps by using pictures or gestures or questions, etc.

2.      Students then supply the appropriate language, information, ideas, etc.

3.      Teacher gives them feedback by asking them what they really think. Ask open question that enable them to say what they want to say and feel the intention within them selves simply to listen and learn. Teacher can elicit: language, ideas, feeling, meaning, contexts, memories,etc.(Scrivener,1994:99)

Doff (1988) using pictures is as one of the easiest ways to elicit new vocabulary (or structure). Pictures can be taken from students’ textbook or from supplementary sources. This tool is quite beneficial in many ways: By seeing pictures, students will be highly motivate before they tread into the core of the lesson. In other words, pictures help attract large attention from the class, stimulate students’ curiosity, imagination, guessing and desire to present the targeted language items related to what is involved in there. “The teacher use pictures to set the scene and asks questions about what they see, why they think it happens, what they think will happen next and how they feel or what they think about it.

Base on the learning method explains, the students hope became active in learning process. The Student’s speaking skill will encourage them to be able to realize the speech. Base on the reason above , the reasercher tent to choose the study title “Improving Students’ Achievement Through Elicitation Technique”.

B. Identification of the Problem

Based on the background previously above, the problems of this research were identified as follows :

1.      The students’ difficulties in speaking and afraid to make a mistake,

2.      The students was very passive in speaking,

3.       The students really had less English vocabulary,

4.      The teacher still used Translation English to Indonesian Language that made the students did not challenge with this method.

C. The Scope and Limitation

The scope of the study was focused on speaking achievement and it was limited on Elicitation technique by using daily activity picture.

D. The Formulation of the Problem

The formulation of this study was formulated as is there any improvement of students’ speaking achievement through elicitation technique?

E. The Objective of the Study

The Objective of this research to find out the improvement of students’ speaking achievement through elicitation technique.

F. The Signifiance of the Study

The findings of this study was expected to have both academic and practical contributions.

1.      Theoritically

This study was given more understanding about using speaking through elicitation technique in teaching and learning process will be better, and the applications are related theories.

2.      Practically

a.       The Teachers. Teachers can understand the students’ needs and know the students’ lack of skills, especially in speaking, so that they can give/use appropriate materials, tasks, methods, techniques to teach their students.

b.      The students. Students can improve their speaking achievement in teaching learning English through Elicitation Technique

c.       The other researchers. Especially for language researchers, they can adapt the techniques/media is used in this theory as an alternative to teach students. They also can use the data taken in this research (for example, using picture) as a source to make a consideration for the next teaching-learning.




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