Narrative text Golden Egg New Version with 10 essay test and key answer

The Golden Egg new version

         Once upon a time, in a quaint village nestled between lush green hills, there lived a poor farmer named Jack. Jack had a small piece of land where he struggled to grow enough crops to feed his family. One day, while plowing his field, Jack stumbled upon an unusual object buried in the soil. To his amazement, it was a golden egg, shimmering in the sunlight.

          Jack couldn't believe his luck. He rushed home and showed the golden egg to his wife, Mary. They were overjoyed and immediately envisioned a life of luxury with the wealth the egg would bring. Every day, the hen laid a golden egg, and Jack and Mary's fortunes grew with each passing day.

          However, greed soon consumed Jack's heart. He became impatient, wanting more gold and faster. He decided to cut open the hen, thinking there must be a heap of golden eggs inside. To his dismay, the hen was just like any other ordinary hen, and there were no more golden eggs to be found. Jack's foolish greed had cost him his only source of wealth.

          The once happy and contented couple now found themselves back in poverty. They realized their mistake too late, and Jack deeply regretted his greed. From that day forward, Jack and Mary worked tirelessly, learning to appreciate the value of hard work and contentment, and they lived happily ever after, albeit without the golden egg.

Essay Test Questions:

  1. Describe the setting of the story and the main character.
  2. What did Jack find while plowing his field, and how did he react?
  3. How did Jack and Mary's life change after finding the golden egg?
  4. What led to Jack's downfall, and what lesson does it teach?
  5. Discuss the symbolism of the golden egg in the story.
  6. How did Jack's greed affect him and his family?
  7. Analyze Jack's decision to cut open the hen. What could he have done differently?
  8. Describe Jack and Mary's realization about the true source of wealth.
  9. Reflect on the theme of contentment and its importance in the story.
  10. How does the story of "The Golden Egg" teach us about the consequences of greed and the value of hard work?

Key Answers:

  1. The story is set in a quaint village surrounded by lush green hills, and the main character is a poor farmer named Jack.
  2. Jack found a golden egg while plowing his field, and he reacted with amazement and joy.
  3. Jack and Mary's life changed dramatically as the golden egg provided them with wealth and comfort.
  4. Jack's downfall was caused by his greed, which led him to kill the hen in search of more gold. The lesson teaches the consequences of greed and impatience.
  5. The golden egg symbolizes unexpected fortune and the consequences of greed.
  6. Jack's greed led to his downfall, causing him to lose the golden egg and return to poverty.
  7. Jack's decision to cut open the hen was driven by greed and impatience. He could have practiced patience and gratitude for what he already had.
  8. Jack and Mary realized that true wealth comes from hard work and contentment, not from material possessions.
  9. The theme of contentment highlights the importance of appreciating what one has rather than constantly striving for more.
  10. The story teaches us about the negative consequences of greed and the value of hard work, contentment, and appreciating life's simple pleasures.

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