Malin Kundang Narrative Text new version with 10 essay test and key answer

Malin Kundang: A New Version

          Once upon a time, in a small fishing village nestled along the coast of a lush island, lived a young man named Malin Kundang. He was known for his exceptional strength, charming demeanor, and ambitious spirit. Despite his humble beginnings, Malin dreamed of conquering the seas and becoming a wealthy merchant.

          Malin's journey began when he embarked on a perilous voyage, leaving behind his aging mother and the simplicity of village life. Determined to carve his own destiny, he set sail with a crew of seasoned sailors, eager to explore distant lands and amass riches beyond imagination. Along the way, they encountered fierce storms and treacherous waters, testing Malin's courage and resilience.

          Despite the challenges, Malin proved himself to be a skilled sailor, leading his crew through the most daunting of obstacles. His ambition knew no bounds as he navigated the vast expanse of the ocean, driven by the promise of fortune and glory. With each successful voyage, his wealth and influence grew, earning him admiration and envy from those around him.

          However, amidst his quest for wealth and power, Malin forgot the values of humility and gratitude instilled in him by his mother. His heart grew cold and distant, consumed by greed and ambition. He became arrogant and ruthless, showing no mercy to those who stood in his way.

          As Malin's riches multiplied, he yearned for recognition from the highest echelons of society. Ignoring the warnings of his crew and the whispers of his conscience, he set sail for the grandest city in the land, determined to secure his place among the elite. Little did he know that his past would come back to haunt him in the most unexpected of ways.

          One fateful day, as Malin's ship approached the shores of his homeland, he was greeted by a sight that shook him to the core. Standing on the beach was an old woman, weathered by time and burdened by sorrow. It was his mother, the one he had abandoned in pursuit of his dreams. With tears in her eyes, she cried out to him, begging for forgiveness and reconciliation.

          But pride still held sway over Malin's heart, and he turned away from his mother, refusing to acknowledge her as his kin. In a fit of rage, he cursed her for daring to claim any connection to his newfound wealth and status. With a wave of his hand, he dismissed her from his sight, choosing to embrace his newfound identity as a man of power and influence.

          Yet, fate had other plans for Malin Kundang, the once-proud sailor who had forsaken his roots for the promise of wealth and glory. As he stood on the deck of his magnificent ship, basking in the adulation of his peers, a thunderous roar filled the air. To his horror, the sea itself rose up against him, unleashing its wrath upon the vessel that bore his name.

         In an instant, Malin's ship was engulfed by towering waves, tearing it apart piece by piece. Amidst the chaos and destruction, he realized the folly of his ways, as he cried out for mercy from a higher power. But it was too late, for the sea had judged him unworthy of its favor, casting him into the depths below.

          And so, the tale of Malin Kundang came to a tragic end, a cautionary reminder of the perils of pride and greed. His name would live on not as a symbol of wealth and power, but as a warning to those who dared to forsake their roots in pursuit of fleeting glory. As the waves reclaimed his broken vessel, they whispered a solemn truth to all who would listen: that true wealth lies not in gold or silver, but in the bonds of family and the virtues of humility and gratitude.

Essay Test Questions:

  1. Describe Malin Kundang's personality and ambitions at the beginning of the story.
  2. How did Malin's journey shape his character?
  3. Discuss the challenges Malin faced during his voyages and how he overcame them.
  4. Analyze the transformation of Malin's character throughout the story.
  5. What role did greed and pride play in Malin's downfall?
  6. Describe the significance of Malin's encounter with his mother upon his return home.
  7. How did Malin's refusal to reconcile with his mother contribute to his tragic fate?
  8. Discuss the symbolism of the sea and its role in the story.
  9. Reflect on the moral lessons conveyed through Malin Kundang's story.
  10. In your opinion, what could Malin have done differently to avoid his tragic fate?

Answer Key:

  1. Malin Kundang is depicted as a young man with exceptional strength, charm, and ambitious spirit. He dreams of becoming a wealthy merchant and conquering the seas.
  2. Malin's journey tests his courage and resilience, shaping him into a skilled sailor driven by the pursuit of wealth and power.
  3. Malin faces fierce storms and treacherous waters during his voyages, but he overcomes them through his skill and determination as a sailor.
  4. Malin's character undergoes a transformation from a humble village boy to an arrogant and ruthless man consumed by greed and pride.
  5. Greed and pride blind Malin to the values of humility and gratitude, leading to his downfall.
  6. Malin's encounter with his mother highlights the consequences of his abandonment and his refusal to acknowledge his roots.
  7. Malin's refusal to reconcile with his mother reflects his arrogance and contributes to his tragic fate by angering the sea spirits.
  8. The sea symbolizes nature's power and serves as a judge of Malin's character, ultimately bringing about his downfall.
  9. The story teaches moral lessons about the importance of humility, gratitude, and the consequences of greed and pride.
  10. Malin could have shown humility and gratitude towards his mother, avoiding his tragic fate by staying true to his roots and values.

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