Malin Kundang Narrative Text new version with 10 multiples choice test and key answer

The Legend of Malin Kundang: new version

          Once upon a time, in a small fishing village nestled along the coast of West Sumatra, there lived a young man named Malin Kundang. He was known for his exceptional strength and ambition to seek fortune beyond the horizon. Malin left his humble home to explore the vast seas, promising his mother that he would return as a successful man. With his heart filled with dreams and determination, Malin set sail, leaving behind his tearful mother and the simple life he once knew.

          As Malin journeyed across the ocean, facing turbulent waves and fierce storms, he gradually amassed wealth through trading ventures in distant lands. Years passed, and he became a wealthy merchant, adorned in luxurious garments and surrounded by servants. However, amidst his newfound prosperity, Malin forgot the promise he made to his mother and the village he had left behind.

          One fateful day, as Malin's ship approached the shore of his homeland, he was greeted by the sight of a bustling marketplace. Curious, he disembarked and wandered through the crowd, unaware that his mother had also come to the market that day. Recognizing her son amidst the crowd, she ran towards him, tears of joy streaming down her face. But to her dismay, Malin arrogantly denied knowing her, ashamed to be associated with his humble past.

          Enraged and heartbroken by her son's betrayal, Malin's mother uttered a curse upon him, calling upon the sea to punish his arrogance. As Malin attempted to return to his ship, a mighty wave rose from the ocean, engulfing him and his vessel. In an instant, Malin Kundang was transformed into a stone, forever condemned to remain as a testament to the consequences of pride and betrayal.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. What was Malin Kundang known for in his village?

a) Exceptional cooking skills

b) Exceptional strength

c) Exceptional singing talent

d) Exceptional storytelling ability

Answer: b) Exceptional strength

2. Where did Malin Kundang journey to seek his fortune?

a) East Sumatra

b) West Sumatra

c) North Sumatra

d) South Sumatra

Answer: b) West Sumatra

3. How did Malin Kundang accumulate wealth during his journey?

a) Fishing

b) Trading ventures

c) Farming

d) Mining

Answer: b) Trading ventures

4. What did Malin Kundang forget as he became wealthy?

a) His name

b) His friends

c) His promise to his mother

d) His hometown

Answer: c) His promise to his mother

5. How did Malin's mother react when she saw him at the marketplace?

a) She ignored him

b) She embraced him with joy

c) She scolded him

d) She denied knowing him

Answer: b) She embraced him with joy

6. What did Malin do when his mother approached him at the marketplace?

a) He hugged her tightly

b) He apologized for his absence

c) He denied knowing her

d) He invited her to join him on his ship

Answer: c) He denied knowing her

7. What did Malin's mother do when he denied knowing her?

a) She laughed it off

b) She cried tears of joy

c) She cursed him

d) She gave him a gift

Answer: c) She cursed him

8. What happened to Malin Kundang when he tried to return to his ship?

a) He found a treasure chest

b) He was greeted by his crew

c) He was engulfed by a mighty wave

d) He saw a beautiful sunset

Answer: c) He was engulfed by a mighty wave

9. What was Malin Kundang transformed into as a result of his mother's curse?

a) A tree

b) A stone

c) A bird

d) A fish

Answer: b) A stone

10. What lesson does the story of Malin Kundang teach?

a) The importance of humility and gratitude

b) The value of wealth and power

c) The significance of adventure and exploration

d) The joy of family and friendship

Answer: a) The importance of humility and gratitude

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