Lake Toba Story Narrative Text new version with 10 multiples choice test and key answer

The Legend of Lake Toba

          Once upon a time, nestled in the lush highlands of Sumatra, there existed a serene and majestic lake known as Lake Toba. According to legend, this extraordinary lake was formed from the tears of a grieving mother. Long ago, in a small village nearby, there lived a young man named Toba and his beloved wife, Sari. They were deeply in love and their happiness knew no bounds. However, their joy was short-lived as tragedy struck when Sari fell seriously ill. Despite Toba's desperate attempts to find a cure, Sari's condition worsened, and she eventually passed away. Overwhelmed by grief, Toba wept uncontrollably. His tears streamed down his face and formed a vast and shimmering lake, which came to be known as Lake Toba.

          Years passed, and the legend of Lake Toba spread far and wide. People from distant lands came to marvel at its beauty and tranquility. However, amidst the peaceful waters lurked a fearsome giant serpent known as Naga Padoha. This monstrous creature terrorized the surrounding villages, causing destruction and chaos wherever it went. The villagers lived in constant fear of Naga Padoha's wrath, and they prayed for a savior to deliver them from this menace.

          One day, a brave and courageous warrior named Si Singamangaraja emerged from the village. He was determined to confront Naga Padoha and rid the land of its tyranny once and for all. Armed with his spear and shield, Si Singamangaraja embarked on a perilous journey to the heart of Lake Toba, where the serpent dwelled. As he reached the shores of the lake, a fierce battle ensued between the warrior and the serpent. With each strike of his spear, Si Singamangaraja fought valiantly, driving the serpent back into the depths of the lake.

          After a fierce struggle, Si Singamangaraja emerged victorious, having defeated Naga Padoha and restored peace to the land. The grateful villagers hailed him as a hero and erected a monument in his honor overlooking the shimmering waters of Lake Toba. From that day forth, the legend of Si Singamangaraja and the bravery he displayed lived on, serving as a reminder of the enduring power of courage and determination.

Multiple Choice Test:

1. What is the legend of Lake Toba primarily about?

a) A tragic love story

b) The formation of a lake

c) A battle between a warrior and a serpent

d) The beauty of Sumatra's highlands

Key answer: c) A battle between a warrior and a serpent

2. What caused Lake Toba to form according to the legend?

a) Rainfall

b) Volcanic eruption

c) Tears of a grieving mother

d) Overflowing rivers

Key answer: c) Tears of a grieving mother

3. What was the name of the fearsome serpent in Lake Toba?

a) Toba

b) Sari

c) Naga Padoha

d) Singamangaraja

Key answer: c) Naga Padoha

4. Who was the protagonist of the legend?

a) Toba

b) Sari

c) Naga Padoha

d) Si Singamangaraja

Key answer: d) Si Singamangaraja

5. What did Si Singamangaraja use to defeat Naga Padoha?

a) Sword

b) Bow and arrow

c) Spear

d) Shield

Key answer: c) Spear

6. How did the villagers feel about Naga Padoha?

a) Grateful

b) Terrified

c) Indifferent

d) Excited

Key answer: b) Terrified

7. Where did Si Singamangaraja confront Naga Padoha?

a) In the village

b) At the top of a mountain

c) In the heart of Lake Toba

d) In a forest

Key answer: c) In the heart of Lake Toba

8. What did the villagers do to honor Si Singamangaraja after he defeated Naga Padoha?

a) Built him a palace

b) Erected a monument

c) Gave him riches

d) Held a feast

Key answer: b) Erected a monument

9. What lesson can be learned from the legend of Lake Toba?

a) Love conquers all

b) Courage and determination lead to success

c) Never underestimate the power of nature

d) Always listen to your elders

Key answer: b) Courage and determination lead to success

10. What is the setting of the legend?

a) Tropical island

b) Desert

c) Lush highlands of Sumatra

d) Arctic tundra

Key answer: c) Lush highlands of Sumatra

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