Narrative text golden egg new version with 10 multiples choice and key answer

The Golden Egg new version

         Once upon a time in a quaint village nestled between rolling hills, there lived a poor farmer named Jack. Despite his hardships, Jack remained hopeful that one day his luck would change. One morning, as Jack was tending to his fields, he stumbled upon a mysterious golden egg hidden beneath a bush. Overwhelmed with joy, Jack rushed home to share his discovery with his wife, Emily.

          Excitedly, Jack and Emily decided to keep the golden egg safe and hidden, fearing that others might try to steal it. However, as days turned into weeks, their curiosity grew, and they wondered how such a precious treasure had come into their possession. Unable to contain their curiosity any longer, they sought the advice of the village elder, who revealed the egg's magical origins.

          According to the elder, the golden egg was a gift from a benevolent spirit who roamed the lands, blessing those in need. The spirit had sensed Jack's kind heart and bestowed upon him the egg as a token of fortune. With this newfound knowledge, Jack and Emily decided to cherish the egg and use its blessings to help not only themselves but also their community.

          As word of the golden egg spread throughout the village, people from far and wide came to witness its wonder. Jack and Emily, true to their nature, shared the blessings of the egg with those less fortunate, bringing joy and prosperity to all. The once-struggling village blossomed into a thriving community, all thanks to the magical golden egg and the kindness of Jack and Emily.

Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Where did Jack find the golden egg?

a) In his barn

b) Under a bush

c) In the river

d) In the forest

Answer: b) Under a bush

2. What did Jack and Emily decide to do with the golden egg?

a) Sell it for money

b) Keep it hidden

c) Share it with the village

d) Bury it underground

Answer: b) Keep it hidden

3. Who did Jack and Emily seek advice from regarding the golden egg?

a) The village children

b) The village elder

c) The royal family

d) Their neighbors

Answer: b) The village elder

4. What did the elder reveal about the golden egg?

a) It was cursed

b) It was a gift from a spirit

c) It was made of pure gold

d) It was stolen from the king

Answer: b) It was a gift from a spirit

5. How did Jack and Emily use the blessings of the golden egg?

a) They kept it all for themselves

b) They sold it to the highest bidder

c) They shared it with the village

d) They buried it in their backyard

Answer: c) They shared it with the village

6. What happened to the village after the golden egg's arrival?

a) It remained the same

b) It became poorer

c) It became prosperous

d) It was cursed

Answer: c) It became prosperous

7. What did people from other places do when they heard about the golden egg?

a) Tried to steal it

b) Ignored it

c) Came to see it

d) Asked for money

Answer: c) Came to see it

8. How did Jack and Emily react to the attention the golden egg brought?

a) They became greedy

b) They hid the egg

c) They shared the blessings

d) They moved away

Answer: c) They shared the blessings

9. What was the significance of the golden egg to Jack and Emily's village?

a) It brought joy and prosperity

b) It caused chaos and destruction

c) It led to famine

d) It was a burden

Answer: a) It brought joy and prosperity

10. What qualities did the spirit see in Jack to gift him the golden egg?

a) Greed

b) Kindness

c) Laziness

d) Dishonesty

Answer: b) Kindness

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