Argumentative Text with the questions are multiple choice and Fill in the Blank About Online business and The internet with Key Answer

Vocabulary Test


  1. The questions are multiple choice.
  2. Read the text first, then fill in the blank column according to the answer that you think is the most appropriate according to the number listed.
  3. Read the questions carefully first then choose the most appropriate answer in the multiple choice.

Text 1 (to answer question number 1-3)

Online Business

      Online business is currently in great …. (1) by all circles. Interest in this business is not only from the upper classes who have large capital. However, many of them open businesses with minimal capital. This can be seen from several successful …… (2) who opened their businesses with capital under 5 million. Online business makes it easier for them, because they don't have to bother looking for a place to …. (3). Only by using a laptop or mobile phone connected to the internet, they can do it.

1.        a. demand      b. disgust 

           c. dislike         d. permission

2.        a. entrepreneurs    b. singers 

           c. teachers               d. doctors

3.        a. sell                        b. buy  

           c. give                       d. collect

Text 2 (to answer question of number 4-6)

The Internet

         The internet is the result of advanced technology in the form of a global communication network that has an impact on various aspects of life. The existence of the internet has a great influence, either directly or indirectly. One of the benefits is the role of the internet in the business world. Business people started to use the internet to support their business progress. They use the internet to promote  their products. Currently it is well known by the name of an online business. There are many advantages of its.

4. The existence of the internet has a big influence, both directly and indirectly. What does the bold word means?

         a. small      b. large       

         c. high        d. sizable

5. Currently it is well known by the name of an online business. The underlined word can be replaced by ....

    a. Previously.        b. Historically

    c. Nowadays         d. Usually

6. There are many advantages of its. The synonym of italic word is ....

      a. some                 b. several 

       c. a lot of.            d. a few

Text 3 (to answer question of number 7-11)

         There are several examples of online business promotion sentences that you can use to promote your … (7) product. It is certain that words are a powerful weapon in running your business. Especially in the era of technological advancements with the existence of social media where the use of good and correct language also has an … (8) on the level of effectiveness of your promotions. Words that are often used to attract customers are "discount" and "promotion". 

        The use of the word "discount" is one example of an online business promotion sentence that is often used to … (9) goods in an online business. You can string the word "discount" in a sentence in such a way that consumers are interested in buying it. The most frequently used example is “50% discount for 5 hours only!” or “All Item Discount only in this shop!”. There are many ways for you to use the word discount in your online business promotion sentence to make a lot of … (10) from using this right sentence.

          You can also use the word of "promo" as an example of an online business promotion sentence. By using the word of “promo”, you can get strong engagement with consumers. The use of the word of "promo" also provides information that the product being promoted is experiencing  massive price drop. It will make consumers interested in taking advantage of the opportunity to buy the products being sold. It's an example of online business promotion sentence that you can use to … (11) customers.

7.       a. sell       b. sells 

          c. sold      d. selling

8.       a. effect          b. effects 

          c. effected.     d. effecting

9.       a. demote       b. promote

          c. relegate      d. decrease

10.     a. loss.            b. damage 

          c. profit          d. debt

11.     a. repulse      b. attract

          c. deter.          d. discourage

Key Answer

1. A

2. A

3. A

4. B

5. C

6. C

7. D

8. A

9. B

10. C

11. B

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