Lake Toba Story Narrative Text New Version With 10 essay Test And Key Answer

Lake Toba: The Legend of the Sleeping Volcano

          Once upon a time, nestled in the lush highlands of Sumatra, Indonesia, there lay a serene and majestic lake known as Lake Toba. Legend had it that this vast expanse of water was formed from the tears of a weeping giantess, who mourned the loss of her beloved. The story begins with the forbidden love between the giantess, Sura, and a young man named Toba.

          In the ancient village of Sipirok, Sura and Toba met and fell deeply in love. However, their love was forbidden by the gods, for Sura was a giantess, and Toba was a mere mortal. Despite the warnings from their elders, they continued to meet in secret, their passion growing stronger with each stolen moment. But their happiness was short-lived when the gods discovered their affair.

          Enraged by their defiance, the gods unleashed their wrath upon the land. The earth shook violently as Mount Pusuk Buhit, where the lovers often met, erupted in fury. The ground split open, and fire and ash engulfed the once peaceful village of Sipirok. In a desperate attempt to save her beloved Toba, Sura used her immense strength to create a massive crater, which quickly filled with her tears, forming Lake Toba.

          As the waters rose, Sura and Toba found themselves trapped within the depths of the lake, condemned to an eternal slumber. And so, Lake Toba became a sacred place, a reminder of the tragic love story that unfolded centuries ago. To this day, locals believe that the spirits of Sura and Toba dwell beneath the tranquil surface, guarding the lake and its surrounding lands.

          The legend of Lake Toba serves as a cautionary tale, warning against the consequences of forbidden love and the dangers of defying the will of the gods. It also symbolizes the power of nature and the enduring strength of love, which even in the face of adversity, continues to resonate through the ages.

Essay Test:

  1. What is the legend of Lake Toba?
  2. Describe the forbidden love between Sura and Toba.
  3. How did the gods react to the love affair between Sura and Toba?
  4. Explain how Lake Toba was formed according to the legend.
  5. What significance does Lake Toba hold for the locals?
  6. What moral lesson can be drawn from the legend of Lake Toba?
  7. How does the legend of Lake Toba reflect the power of nature?
  8. Discuss the enduring strength of love as depicted in the story.
  9. Why do you think the legend of Lake Toba has persisted through the ages?
  10. Reflect on the cultural significance of Lake Toba for the people of Sumatra.

Key Answers:

  1. The legend of Lake Toba tells the story of a forbidden love affair between a giantess named Sura and a mortal man named Toba, resulting in the creation of the lake.
  2. Sura and Toba fell deeply in love despite warnings from their elders and the gods due to their differing natures.
  3. The gods reacted with anger and unleashed their wrath upon the land, causing Mount Pusuk Buhit to erupt and destroying the village of Sipirok.
  4. According to the legend, Sura used her strength to create a massive crater, which filled with her tears, forming Lake Toba.
  5. For the locals, Lake Toba holds sacred significance as it is believed to be inhabited by the spirits of Sura and Toba, serving as a reminder of their tragic love story.
  6. The legend of Lake Toba teaches the moral lesson of respecting the will of the gods and the consequences of forbidden love.
  7. The legend reflects the power of nature through the eruption of Mount Pusuk Buhit and the formation of Lake Toba as a result.
  8. The enduring strength of love is depicted through Sura and Toba's willingness to defy societal norms and their ultimate sacrifice for each other.
  9. The legend of Lake Toba has persisted through the ages due to its cultural significance and timeless themes of love, sacrifice, and divine intervention.
  10. Lake Toba holds cultural significance for the people of Sumatra as a sacred site and a symbol of their heritage and beliefs

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