The Procedure of Question-Answer Relationships (QAR) strategy


The Procedure of Question-Answer Relationships (QAR) strategy

Raphael (1986: 516–522) explain the procedure of Question-Answer Relationships (QAR) strategy as follow:

1.      Begin with the two broad categories, In the Book and In My Head.

2.      Select a short passage with one or two related questions, one an In the Book question and one an In My Head question, to model the strategy. Present the text on chart paper or on the overhead, and read it.

3.  Have students answer the related questions. As answers are given, focus on locating the information, using the text.

4.      For an In the Book question, continue to prompt students with questions, such as

a)      How do you know that answer?

b)      Does the text tell us the answer?

c)      Where in the text does it say…?

d)     Can you point to where in the story it tells you?

e)      What does the story say about…?

f)       Can you prove your answer from what you’ve read? How?

5.      For an In My Head question, begin with questions such as

a)      How do you know? Does the text tell you?

b)      What helps you decide on your answer?

6.      When students have recognized that the answer does not come from the story but from what they already know, say something like:

a)      You used a good source of information for that answer – your own experiences.

b)      When we’re answering questions, remember to think about information we know already. It’s in our heads.


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