Advantages and Disadvantage of PORPE (Predict, Organise, Rehearse, Practice, Evaluate)


Advantages and Disadvantage of PORPE (Predict, Organise, Rehearse, Practice, Evaluate)

1.      The Advantages of PORPE

The research conducted on PORPE suggests several other advantages for content area learning Simpson (1984) These four advantages are discussed below:

a.       PORPE can stimulate students to synthesize, analyze, and think about key concepts. The students trained in PORPE  who participated in the two research studies cited wrote essays significantly better in content, organization, and cohesion than the control group’s essays.

b.      PORPE can help students prepare for multiple-choice exams, especially when the questions ask them to draw conclusions and apply information to new contexts. In studies cited the students  trained in PORPE scored  significantly better on the multiple- choice questions. This finding is unique considering the equivocal findings about the impact of writing upon recognition tasks

c.       PORPE can have a durable and long-term impact upon student learning. In studies cited the students trained in PORPE scored significantly better than the control group on the unannounced exam that occurred two weeks after  the initial exam. This condition held for both the multiple-choice and essay questions. Perhaps the synergistic steps of PORPE required  more elaborative processing from the students, and thus more depth of processing

d.      PORPE is especially useful for high-risk students. The subjects of both research studies cited were students predicted by  the university to perform below a 70% average during their freshmen year. Yet these students internalized the steps of PORPE after three weeks of intensive training and were able to independently employ PORPE as a means of studying psychology chapters. More importantly, they were able to perform at higher levels than the university’s regression formula had predicted they would perform

2.      The Disadvantages of Porpe (Predict, Organise, Rehearse, Practice, Evaluate)

a.       This strategy have a difficult procedure to apply in the classroom

b.      PORPE hardly in prediction about the materials from textbook


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