Definition of Flowchart

According to Ryan. V (2002:04) flow chart is a chart that flows from one stage to the next and it will show what stage or event is first, second, third etc

NSW Department of Education and Training (2007 : 42) flow chart is a visual text and another way of explaining and recording a chain of events in a sequence

Becker. H (2011:13) Defines Flowchart can be used to determine if, in fact, a special education referral

Anton. D. W (2009:1) defining the Scripted Flowchart Process, there are several techniques used.  The first technique is based on the simple idea that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Based on Cuesta. L and Rincón. S (2009: 104) a flowchart is a visual representation of a story sequence. It is a working map that allows student-writers to visualize all the major steps and elements involved in the writing process

The Procedure of Flowchart

a.       The teacher explains the purpose of this activity is to practice recalling the steps and decisions in a procedure or complex rule by filling in a blank Flowchart.

b.      The teacher divides students into pairs if desired.

c.       The teacher provides each student or pair with a handout of a blank Flowchart of the rule or procedure. If handouts are unavailable, draw the blank shell of the Flowchart on the board and have students make their own copy.

d.      The students fill in the blank Flowchart that you provided.

e.       Present the model Flowchart and allow students to compare it to their own Flowchart.

f.       Summarize the results of the activity 

(Florida Department of Education 1996:8).


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