The Importance of Vocabulary

 The Importance of Vocabulary

Sedita (2005, p. 33-45) Vocabulary is one of five core components of reading instruction that are essential to successfully teach children how to read. These core components include phonemic awareness, phonics and word study, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension Vocabulary knowledge is important because it encompasses all the words we must know to access our background knowledge, express our ideas and communicate effectively, and learn about new concepts.

Vocabulary is one of the important elements in building up English using this element, someone can communicate, learning and thinking. Therefore, the learning of vocabulary is fundamental need to support some learners to master English, because the ability of students to read and to comprehend the subject is relatively detemined by their vocabulary.

Ferreira (2007, p. 20) The  knowledge  of  word  meanings  and  the  ability  to  access  that  knowledge  efficiently  are recognized as important factors in reading and listening comprehension, speaking and writing fluency. Thus, vocabulary knowledge helps students with language comprehension.  Vocabulary  knowledge  is  the  heart  of  a  language comprehension  and  use.  Comprehend  a  text successfully  students  need  to  have  sufficient  word  knowledge.  This  is  to  say  that  the comprehension  of  a  language  depends  on  the  amount  of  words  that  are  known  in  that language. 


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