Concept of Bookworm Game

 Concept of Bookworm Game

In online material, the meaning of bookworm is the person who always reads book every time. But in this game, the bookworm is the green picture on screen.

Bookworm is similar to word search game. Their difference is just in the media which used to play them. Bookworm is played on screen (computer) but word search is usually done in paper (book). For beginners, the bookworm even defines tricky words on screen.

There are many advantages that we can get by playing bookworm game, like strengthen our vocabulary by thinking of new words, get a game that is very fun and educational for all age levels, etc. As Hekla S (2009) said that Bookworm is a very addictive game and very good for a person from a non-English speaking country. First of all you have to go through your vocabulary in your mind and think quickly. Secondly, you learn for about the words (other meanings of it) and it increases your vocabulary as you also learn new words, sometimes by mistake. And Maurya Simha P, (2009) said that bookworm deluxe is the most comprehensive and educational word game out there today where we need to make words with the letters given. Longer the words greater the points. Playing the game will improve our vocabulary, and the usage of words, especially for children it is a fun way of learning.

This game, there are known Burning Tiles and Reward Tiles. Burning Tiles is the red tiles that will appear occasionally. If the red tiles hit (reach) the bottom of the screen, the game will end. So get rid of burning tiles by using them in words like any other letter. While Reward Tiles is the green tiles that appear randomly and increase word scores. The longer your words the bigger your scores.

Bookworm game consists of two modes, are classic and action.

1.      Classic Game

This is the original game of bookworm. In this classic game, burning red tiles will appear after a certain number of moves. As you go up in levels, red tiles will appear more frequently. Red tiles will burn through normal tiles with every passing them. If they reach the bottom of the stack, they will ignite the library, and ending the game.

2.      Action Game

The action game is a more fast-paced real time version of bookworm. In this mode, burning red tiles appear automatically every few seconds, whether you move or not. And they will burn down through your library the same way, so you have to think fast. Bookworm game is a technique used to improve the students’ vocabulary by linking the letter on screen


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