How to Play Bookworm Game

 How to Play Bookworm Game

Bookworm Game is one of media that used in teaching vocabulary. Bookworm Game is easy to be played by learners and it can give them motivation in studying vocabulary. In online material, the use of bookworm:

1)      The students will play individually.

2)      The students will be given a playing board on screen which consists of letter tiles laid in seven columns.

3)      The students start the game with a given letter to make word by clicking on adjacent tiles and another one adjacent until the students performed a word at least three letters and most twelve letters.

4)      After make a word, the students must click submit button or double clicking on the last letter tile.

5)      If the students’ word is recognized by the game (valid), it will display the word.

6)      The valid word will be removed from the screen


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