The Teacher’s Use of Basic Questionings in English Classroom Activity (qualitative)


1.1  Background of the Study   
Language is important in communication, because it is a mean of transferring ideas in communication activity. English as an international language also has that function. It is not only considered as the first  foreign language but it is taught as a compulsory subject from  Junior High School up to Senior High School. Although English has been taught for a long time, the results of teaching English are considered unsatisfactory (Ramelan 1992:3).  In fact, the role of English is so important in every fields of life. For that reason learning English in the classroom is expected to give the necessary skills for students to continue their studies to the next education level or to communicate with others. Ideally, students have to enjoy learning and have a positive attitude towards English.
In fact,  most of students are still afraid of English. The student’s anxiety to study might be caused by the lack of motivation from the teachers. Moreover,  the final examination score of State Senior High School graduates show that students are not successful in mastering English.  Seeing this fact, people usually blame the teachers as the people who should be responsible for it. They are  assumed as the primary source of the unsatisfactory results of English teaching process. People often question about the teachers’ work and even consider them as unqualified resources.
However, as the scientific society, teachers should be able to find out the elements from which the cause of the failure comes.  Actually there are two assumptions of English learning. First, it is assumed that all children can learn. Second, it is assumed that learning will not take place automatically- that it is most likely to occur when it is programmed for by teachers (Saul Axelrod, 1993:1). For those reasons, some efforts have been tried by the English teachers to help students to achieve success in learning English and how to make the students have a high interest in learning English.
One problem that is faced both by the teachers and the students is the students do not have willingness of their own to learn. They will be success in learning if she/he has a strong will to learn. This is called motivation. However, not all of the students have their own motivation in learning English. For that reason the teachers have to  encourage the students’ motivation in learning English and change their attitudes towards English with the most appropriate way.  One of the ways used by the teacher to in motivate the students to be interest and active in the classroom  activity is by using basic questionings.
Questioning is an important role of teachers’ talk. C. Turney (1983) states that;  The skill of questioning is fundamental to a teacher’s repertoire. Teacher talk may involve the giving explanations, the presenting of facts and ideas, and controlling the  direction of the lesson,  but without skilled of questioning a teacher will have  difficulty knowing how well pupils understand material presented to them and/or what additional assistance may be required. 
Based on the argument above, the teacher could use his/ her questions to attract the student’s attention, curiosity, and interest to English material, provide an opportunity for the students to assimilate and reflect on information, and express idea and feeling. Therefore, it is very important for the teacher to know the techniques of using question to maintain interaction with students.  Undeniably, student’s success or failure in learning English as a compulsory subject taught in their school is greatly influenced by internal and external factors involved in the learning????????????????????????????????????????

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