Improving the students Vocabulary through Bookworm Game (pre experimental)

A.    Background
Language is the most important aspect in human interaction. People communicate and interact with others using the language. In widely community, English has become international language. Most of the community in the whole world use English in order they can communicate with others who have different language. From this, English language is important to be taught and learned by the students. And as the form of our government’s response toward this case, English language has been put in the educational system in our country, and it is taught from elementary school until university and become a compulsory subject.
As a compulsory subject in English teaching and learning process vocabulary is the important aspect to support the English language component skills, namely: reading, writing , speaking, and listening. So learning vocabulary for learners is important because the ability of students to learn English is determined by vocabulary that they have. Through vocabulary, someone can communicate his/her idea, feeling, emotion, and desire. Sometimes a clever person who has good idea must be stopped only because he/she lacks vocabulary mastery. It is very hard for everyone to express his or her ideas in English to other people without word.
Corder in Amiruddin (2004: 1) states that in order to master English, the elements of language skills such as grammatical structure, vocabulary, and sound system, must be taught to the second as the prerequisite knowledge toward the English use and skills because language is characterized by these elements.
The statement above, it is obvious that vocabulary as a fundamental requirement influence the achievement of students in studying English. Although the students have learned English for??????????????/


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