Improving the Speaking Skills of the Eleventh Year Students of SMA X by Using Situational Role Play (penelitian tindakan kelas)


This chapter presents the background, problem statement, objective, significance, and scope of the research. 

A. Background
Every human being needs to interact with other people around the world. An appropriate meaning of this interaction is languages that can be used to express and share ideas, thoughts, responses, or get information from others. Language is a means of communication. There are a lot of languages by people in various parts of life in the world. One of them is English. English as an international language has an important position in the world communication today. In our country today, English plays an important role in international communication and development of education. Indonesia as a developing country gets involved in any aspects of international life and it can not be denied that the mastery of English is necessary for Indonesian people.  
In foreign languages, teaching and learning English teacher should consider the major skills; namely listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Listening and reading are said to be receptive skills, while speaking and writing are said to be productive ones.
 The fact shows that without any mastery of English it is quite difficult for everyone to enter a larger world, which includes the world of science. It is also a fact that poor mastery of English language prevents people from a direct communication with other counties. In order to master English we have to master the elements of the four major skills, and it must be taught as a compulsory subject among others in school as the prerequisite knowledge and the study of English should be given priority.
The goals of teaching English in Indonesia are mainly to enable the students to use English for communication in front of people. In this case, the researcher focuses her attention on one of these skills that is speaking. Speaking is one of the productive skills in second and foreign language teaching. It has a very important role in communication because by having speaking, people can communicate interactively each other. Widdowson in Muttaqin (1992: 3) stated that an act of communication through speaking is commonly performed in talking face to face interaction and occurs as part of dialogue or rather of verbal exchange.

Based on the explanation of the fact above, the researcher is interested in conducting the research on “Improving the Speaking Skills of the Eleventh Year Students of SMA X by Using Situational Role Play”.


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