the list group label strategy to improving the students vocabulary mastery at the (school) PTK

A.    Background
Learning English is very important, because English has become an international language, which is used  by most communities in the world. Many countries use English as their second language. In spite of the difficulties in studying English, it is worthwhile to study the language because it plays a very important role in almost all fields  of life such as: communication, commerce, economy, politics, education, science, technology and so on.
 Finocchiaro stated that “Language is a system of arbitrary, vocal symbol, which permits all people in given culture or other people who have learned the system of that culture, to communicate or to interact” . (Finocchiaro, 1974:3).
Vocabulary is one of the  language components that  have to be taught to the students in learning a foreign language. Petty and Jensen (1980: 76) support the idea by stating; “since the knowledge of words and word meaning is essential in both the expressive and receptive aspect of language, vocabulary building is vital to the early language program”. Unfortunately, many students consider learning vocabulary as a tedious job. Because of that, the teacher should look for an effective technique to make learning vocabulary easier, more pleasant, and enjoyable.
Vocabulary as one of the important aspects in grammar has a very important role in supporting the four language skills. Harmer (1984:149) states that in teaching foreign language, including speaking, writing, and reading and listening skill, it is impossible to use those skills without vocabulary. Without possessing an extensive vocabulary, we will be unable to use all we have learned for comprehensible communication, including the structures and the functions.
In teaching vocabulary there are many strategy, one of them is list group label The rationale behind this strategy is based on the notion that categorizing words can help children organize new words and experiences in relation to previously learned words. LGL attempts to improve upon the way in which children learn and remember new words. LGL was originally used in science and social studies classes; however, the strategy seems appropriate across????


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