Developing the Speaking Performance of Second Year Students of SMK Veteran RI Watampone by Using Think-Pair-Share (pre.experimental)

This chapter covers the background, problem statement, objective of the research, significance of the research, and scope of the research.
  1. Background
In English, there are four basic skills that divided into two parts namely productive skill and receptive skill. Productive skills cover speaking and writing, while receptive skills cover reading and listening. Some learners get problem to productive skills especially in speaking English, because the learners must involve with other skills.
Speaking is very important in human life. By speaking, people can communicate with others. Speaking is identified to be difficult to be learned. Chastain (1976) in Aras (2006) states that learning to speak is more difficult than learning to understand spoken language. Someone usually faces some troubles in social interaction namely he or she can not produce his ideas, arguments, and feeling communicatively. One sometimes can understand what others say but he or she is not able to communicate it. This may happen because of low practice, low motivation, less of communicative competence, and no self confidence. Ideally, if what other expression can be understood, one should be able to produce it.
Based on the observation on 1st May 2010, the students were not good at English speaking because of some factors. Firstly, the students do not have self confidence to speak in front of the class because they still lack in vocabulary, low understanding in grammar, and mispronunciation. Secondly, the situation of the class that is uncomfortable for speaking. Finally, the method that their teacher used in teaching speaking is not interesting for them.
To solve these problems, the teacher should realize that teaching is not simply in structuring students’ thinking and apply the teaching method selected, but she has to see and perceive what the students want. The teacher must look for the way of students to be more active. She is demanded to be more creative in delivering her material, especially in speaking.
There are many ways to encourage the students to speak English. One of the ways is Think-Pair-Share. It is the one of teaching methods involving discussion. In the class, the application of Think-Pair-Share will meet the materials and learning objectives stated in curriculum. The materials will be developed and related to environment, culture, self esteem, and also self confident of????????????


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