The application of guided reading method in improving students’ reading skill (Classroom Action Research)

A.    Background
Nowadays, English language is very important to our lives. This language is use world- widely in sciences, knowledge and technology, as well as education business, and other activities in the world. In the past, the Indonesia students start learning English at junior High Scholl (SMP) as a compulsory subject. The process continues to Senior High Scholl (SMA). In fact, English is also taught in some elementary schools as the local content lesson and even in some kindergartens.
In learning language English there are four skills that should be master in learning; they are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Those are very important for English learners. Reading skill is one of the main points to master English because a lot of students have opinion that reading an important target, with reading they can get information and entertainment beside for their career and study target. So that’s why I will focus on reading skill in my research. As support for students in improving reading skill, student have to be give knowledge about component of language, such as knowledge about vocabulary, structure, pronunciation; sound for help their skill language. The other it curriculum and system education also will assist teachers in improving education by significant especially learning English language.
In improving reading skill of students’, teachers have to use good strategy, precise method, and resource of study, media on learning, assessment process and evaluation. To know about it, hence previously researcher have to do observation, and after researcher doing observation in SMP Negeri 3 Sungguminasa Class VIII hence obtained result on learning English Language that is student not focus when learning process, lees understand about information on material, students are behaving passive when learning process, students almost boring on class, and students shy to reading because they weren’t confidence with their selves, while problem faced by teacher is how to make students focus during the learning and teaching process.
According to problem of students above, researcher decided to choose Guided Reading method because Guided Reading assessment can assist students and teacher on learning process. And Guided Reading also can made students becomes active and independent learned because guided reading method applied to make students pleased.
In this case pleasing meaningless make the class room condition become boring, hilarious, or make the students play in the class during learning process but pleasing in here have mean as a procedure makes gladness joy with planning. This procedure will make enthusiasm ????????


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