1.1  General Background of the Study
English is an international language, which is used by many people all over the world to communicate among nations either in spoken and written interaction. Thus, it is not surprising that the teaching of English is carried out in many parts of the world.   Seeing that English is an international language, our government has stipulated that English becomes the first foreign language in Indonesia, so English has been given more special attention. Nowadays, we can see that English is not only taught at Junior High School, Senior High School and Vocational School, but also at Elementary School as a local content. This is a new step for the national education in Indonesia (Depdiknas, 2004: 1).
The function of teaching English in  Elementary School is to introduce English as the first foreign language to Elementary School students in order to be able to communicate in simple English. By studying English, the students are expected to have a mean to develop their knowledge of science, technology and culture so that they can grow up with Indonesian personality. Later, hopefully, the pupils are able to support the development of tourism (Depdiknas, 2004: 1).
In the Basic Course Outline of English as A Local Content Course of Study at Elementary School 2004 explains that as a local content subject, English is taught to pupils of first grade to sixth grade. The aim of teaching English in the  Elementary School is to motivate them to be ready and self-confident in learning English at higher level of education. The  material consist of spelling, listening, vocabulary, writing, reading and functional skills as the basis to get simple language skill. 
Vocabulary is one of the English components, which has to be mastered and acquired by students in learning a  new language. Allen  (1983: 5) gives one reason for the emphasis on vocabulary in English learning:   “Scholars are taking a new interest in the study of the world meaning. A number to research studies recently dealt with lexical problems (problems related to world). Through research the scholar are finding that the lexical problems frequently interfere with communication, communications break down when  people do not use the right word. Such discoveries by scholars do not surprise  classroom teachers. Teachers have never doubted the value of learning vocabulary.
They know communication stop when learners lack the necessary word.”  Using Allen’s (1983: 5) argument above as a starting point, it can be argued that vocabulary is a salient part of today’s 2004 curriculum since the curriculum has been used. Vocabulary it self consists of several parts of speech they are noun, verb, adjective, and adverb. From these kinds of vocabulary, the first that students need to know is noun (Marcella Frank, 1972:6).  Noun refers to a word used to name or identify any of class of things or objects, people, places or ideas, or a particular one of these (Hornby, 1974: 574).
In this study, the writer teaches noun or names of object to the Elementary School students, since it is suitable with the  curriculum of Elementary School, which?????????????


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