Using Reciprocal Teaching Technique (penelitian tindakan kelas))

A.      Background
            Teaching English is something that is not easy to learn. English has different letters and their sounds. It also has many rules in its grammar. English has four skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Each skill has its own rules. That’s why, teaching English is one of challenging jobs for the English teachers. In teaching English, a teacher should note some cases. Not only how to teach the students but also how to make them understand.  He/she must know the students’ age, their favorite things which are interesting for them, etc. But in fact, there are many teachers who are just teaching without paying attention to their students’ condition.
Reading skills should be thought earlier to the children (Tessero: 2003). Reading habits can increase the students’ achievement. Most Indonesian learner are acknowledge that reading a low will support them reaching their goals of studying, but categories low for years. Many efforts have been performed to socialize reading as a burden for most school ages. This phenomena effects them to be creative readers, that finally will influence their comprehension towards their achievement is categories low.
The purpose of reading in many languages is to inform ourselves about something we are interested, or to challenge certain our methods. In other words, to extend our experience of the world in which we live.  A person may read to get information. He may also read for enjoyment, or to enhance knowledge of the language being read (Janz: 2004). Although every student knows how to read, many have never learned good reading skills. (Royse, 2001: 127).
The purpose for reading is to guide the reader to select the appropriate texts, to determine the appropriate to reading comprehension.
The nature of reading is not merely read the text trough line, a reader has to bring his mind into the text to comprehend what is read. Cooper (1984:4) states that to comprehend the written words the reader must able to: understand what an author has to structure of organized the ideas and information presented in the text and relate the ideas and information from text to ideas information stored in his or her mind.
The observation result when the researcher conducted teaching practice in VIII A class of SMP Negeri 2 Camba, the students’ reading comprehension skill still poor.  All of the students can be read but only a few of students can comprehend or can understand what they have read especially English text. It because many factors such as the students consider that English is a subject that very difficult, bored and scares because meaning and letters are different. The other factor is the teacher always uses the same method to teach English subject like the direct method. It is also make the students more bored to study English. As value of observation in the class room the students’ has score 5.59. This score is as a poor category. In this research the aim is to solve this problem until????????????????????????/


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