Using Personal Letter to Enhance Students’ Competence in Writing (Quasi Experimental)

A.    Background
It has been generally believed that writing in English means the ability to express idea, feeling, opinion, imagination, and knowledge into written form more freely. Although it seems to be more freely, in fact, writing process is still considered as one language skill that is most difficult to perform. Many complicated requirements should be included to produce good writing result. A writer must master such an enough vocabulary even though synonym or antonym of the word to express good and understandable thought or idea. Furthermore, as we know that some words or vocabularies have different meaning when they used in different occasion.
Writing can also be stated as how to arrange the symbol, that is letter or combination of letters that related to the sound when people speak, according to certain convention into words form, and word has to be arranged into sentence form. It is logical due to that writing is one of the communication tools. Most communication is done orally or through spoken way. Although speaking and writing are the same, in terms of communication tools, but they are sharply different. Spoken or oral communication is considered to be easier because the speakers can choose and use words or sentences to express their thought freely. They may be allowed to use sentences informally. In another side, writing communication requires communicant (or writer) to be more bounded. They have to follow the suitable agreed procedures in expressing ideas in order that are understood by the receiver.


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