Strategies Used For Idiom Translation in J.K Rowling’s Novel Entitled Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

                                                                               CHAPTER I                                                                    

1.1  Background of the Study
       Today in the globalization era, science and technology in the world has grown rapidly in any area of life. Even, we can communicate with others in distance place easily and get nearly all sort of information from all over the world because of the sophisticated technology. To comprehend what has been communicated or informed, we should have good command of the language involved.
         However, every country all over the world has their own language and rules that differ from one to another. It occurs for all elements of languages: grammar, phonology and semantics. To overcome the problem arising from the various languages, translation has a very important role.
        Translation will be very important thing to do if we get much information which is written in foreign language. Translation can open the information that early people knew nothing. Even, translation can omit the partition between countries, and means of cooperation, understanding and peace in the world. In addition, in the modern century people  demand to be able to follow the development of the era.
Along with the growing need of the books from some fields such as science, technology, literature, etc, ourcountry had  been flooded with foreign books, whether they are gifts, donations, or imported goods. Those books varied ?????????????????


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