Quality of the Discourse Developed by the Participants of ‘Java Overland English Debate 2007


       Language is a meaningful sound. It is used as the medium of conversation. Thus, studying conversation is not only interesting, but also meaningful. Because of  that,  the  researcher  interested  in  studying  that  conversation  through  the discourse analysis. The problem statements that will be answered by this research
are  about  the  quality  of  discourse  that  are  included  the  coherence,  the cohesiveness,  and  the  intertextuality  developed  by  the  participants  in  ‘Java Overland English Debate 2007’.  
         The discourse in this research is a text in on going speaking that consists  of  sentences  expressed  by  the  participants  in  English  debate.  The  elements  that must be required in this discourse are cohesive, coherence, and intertextuality. 
         Then,  the  research  design  of  this  research  is  qualitative  descriptive.  The data  source  of  this research  is  taken from  ‘Java  Overland  English Debate  2007’. And  then,  this  research  uses  cassette  and  tape  recorder  as  the  instruments.  The process of data gathering in this research is by recording all of the debate. Then, the  data  analysis  is  started  by  transcribing  the  data  onto  paper  and  followed  by
managing the data. The third process of the analysis is finding the data which one is coherent, cohesive and how about the intertextuality. After that this findings are summarized and finished by making conclusion. 
         From the research process, is found that quality of the discourse developed by the participants of ‘Java Overland English Debate 2007’ has fulfilled all of the criteria  of  good  discourse.  Most  of  them  can  produce  sentences  in  well construction.  The  strength  of  that  discourse  is  in  the  intertextuality.  All  of  the participants  have  a  good  knowledge  about  the  topic.  Their  reasons  or  arguments are  relevant with  other  text  and  that  is  right  base  on  the  reality.  Then  in  the coherence,  each  of  statements  is  interpretable  and  has  relation  with  other statements.  Then  the  weakness  of  that  discourse  is  on  the  cohesiveness.  The participant often make mistake in making sentences, either in the grammaticality  or in using cohesive devices or  coherence, they seldom make mistakes


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