The interest to use Inquiry-based learning strategy to improve students’ writing ability


            This chapter deals with background, problem statement, objective of the research, significance of the research, and the scope of the research. Each of those points will be discussed in turn in the following section.
A.  Background
English, as a compulsory subject in Indonesia,covers four skills namely listening, writing, speaking, and reading. To organize their teaching,  English teachers usually put a focus on one or two language skills in each of the EFL class. But they also integrate the skill with grammar or structure and vocabulary.
            As the other language skills, writing is the way of communicate a message to a reader for a purpose. Through writing, one can explain or describe things as a result people miles from us can get information by reading the written message (Dixon & Denise, 1983 ). Writing as a means of communication activity still plays great role up to now. Its importance can be seen not only from its role but also from its function and significant contribution to the development of human life, specially to communicate with the other people. In general, people can take advantage of good writing for finding  jobs, and for the students, writing can help them in learning also for the teacher, it can help them to deliver their message to the students so the students can understand the materials that the teachers deliver.
            The statement above explains that writing is as important as speaking, listening, and reading. By having writing skill, the students are expected to have?????????????????


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