Improving Reading Comprehension through DRTA (Directed Reading-Thinking Activity) Method

A.    Background
Human as a social person has to communicate to each other. That is why we need language as a device in communication. There are so many languages in the world, but English by far is the most widely used. English is widely spoken and taught throughout the world. It is extensively used and taught as a second or a foreign language in many countries. Even, this language currently becomes a primary language of a number of countries.
In Indonesia, English is taught as a foreign language and becomes a compulsory subject focusing from junior high school up to university levels. Even now, English has become one of the subjects in primary
English as a compulsory subject requires the four language skills, they are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Teaching of English, as recommended by the Department of Education and Culture particularly at Junior High School, must cover those skills. The skills should be taught integratedly to enable the students to express ideas, thought, and feelings through speaking and writing, and to get meaning, ideas, thought, even to absorb sciences and technologies through reading and listening. 
Reading is one of the four basic language skills that must be mastered in language learning. It is usually taught in integration with the three other language???????????????


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