The Influence of Emily Dickinson’s Life Background on the Concept of Death found in her Poem entitled “ Because I Could Not Stop for Death

                                                                        CHAPTER I

1. 1  General Background of the Study
         Everyone has a desire to improve his or her knowledge. One of the activities to increase knowledge is by reading. We will get a lot of information through reading. One of reading materials is literary work, such as poem, novel, short story and drama.   Such literary works mentioned above are the products of creative
compositions of an author. Each of the writers creating a certain literary work owns a different life background. He or she may be a person from high class, middle class or even lower class.
         There is a statement clarifying that the life background of an author will influence the literary work he or she composed. According to Rene Wellek and Austin Warren “the main reason of literary work given birth is the composer himself or herself namely an author. That is why the explanation of personality and the author’s life is the oldest and  established method in the literary work study”. Furthermore, it is also said that biography explains and clarifies the truth composition process of literary work (Rene Wellek &Austin Warren, 1977:82).
         Based on the previous explanation, the writer wants to present to the readers that there is an influence of author’s life background on the literary work he or she created. ?????????????????????????????


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