Descriptive text dengan 20 soal pilihan ganda dengan tema My School, Giraffe, My Unique Pets, Friends, untuk Lampiran skripsi dan bahan ajar lengkap dengan kunci Jawaban

Read the text and answer the question for 1 to 5!

My School

         My school name is SMP Negeri 1 Panca Bakti. It is located in village. My school has some rooms. They are six classrooms. One teacher office. One library. One headmaster room. One laboratory, and one canteen. My school also has 4 restrooms.

          My class is next to teacher’s office. The laboratory is between the headmaster room and library. There are many books at the library. Students can read many books there. We also has laboratory to have the science experiments. If I feel hungry, I usually go to canteen to buy some snacks.

1. What does the above text tell us about?

a. The teacher

b. The writer’s school

c. The library

d. The headmaster

2. How many rooms does the school have except the restrooms? 

a. Eleven 

b. Six 

c. Four 

d. ten 

3. What can the students do at the library?

a. Playing with friends

b. Doing science experiment. 

c. Practicing sport 

d. Reading many books

4. What is between the headmaster’s room and library?

a. The restroom

b. Laboratory 

c. Classrooms

d. The teacher’s room 

5. If you want to wash your face, you can go to…….

a. Restroom

b. Laboratory 

c. Library 

d. Sport hall

Read the text and answer the question for 6 to 8!


          One of the most interesting animals in the zoo is the giraffe. This is the giraffe we saw at the zoo. It is male and it is about six metres tall.

           The giraffe has big brown eyes. They are protected by very thick lashes. This giraffe has brown spots on the skin. This colouring helps protect the giraffe. It also has two short horns on its head.

           Like a camel, it can go for a long time without drinking water. One source of water is the leaves which it eats from trees. It is tall, so the giraffe can reach the tender leaves at the top of a tree.

           The giraffe has two methods of self protection. If something frightens an adult giraffe, it can gallop away at about fifty kilometres per hour or stay to fight with its strong legs.

6. What is the text about?

a. camel

b. animals

c. giraffe

d. tree

7. The giraffe has two methods of self protection. One of them is ….

a. looking for other giraffes

b. staying to fight with its strong legs

c. hiding in a certain place

d. staying and doing nothing 

8. They are protected by very thick lashes. The word “they” refers to… 

a. Giraffe’s tail 

b. Giraffe’s eyes 

c. Giraffe’s neck 

d. Giraffe’s skin 

Read the text and answer the question for 9 to 10!

My Unique Pets

         I’m used to having pets at home because my family is pet lovers. I have kept two turtles since February 2003. I put them all in one tank in my room.

         The name of the male turtle is Donatello and the female one is called Rafael It is quite easy to keep them. They can survive without food for about two months. However, they need a comfortable place to live. They have to live with imported soil and plants, good water circulation and a piece of dry trunk in the aquarium. Inadequate conditions can cause not only stress but also affect their growth. The worst thing is they may even end in their death!

         The weapon of an adult turtle lies in its edge of the shell. He will use this weapon when he is disturbed while he is taking a nap.

9. “Inadequate conditions can cause not only stress but also affect their growth.” 

(paragraph 2)

The underlined word can be best replaced by …

a. insufficient

b. indiscipline

c. ineffective

d. inedible

10. What is the purpose of the text above?

a. To tell the readers that the writer’s family is pet lovers

b. To describe the writer’s turtles to the readers

c. To persuade the readers to keep turtles as a pet

d. To show the advantages of keeping turtles

Read the text to answer questions 11 to 14!

         I have a close Friend. She is beautiful, attractive and trendy. She always wants to be a trend setter of the day. She always pays much attention to her appearance. Recently, she bought a new stylist foot legs from blowfish shoes products. These shoes really match on her.

         Her new blowfish women's shoes are wonderful. When she is walking on those shoes, all her friends, including me watch and admire that she has the most suitable shoes on her physical appearance. The style, bright color, and brand represent her as a smart woman of the day. She really has perfect appearance.

          She is really mad on those shoes. She said that the products covered all genders. The blowfish men's shoes are as elegant as she has. The products provide varieties of choice. Ballet, casual, boot athletic shoes are designed in attractive way. The products are international trade mark and become the hottest trend.

11. The writer's friend has just bought … from blowfish shoes products.

a. a new match shoes

b. a new stylist foot legs 

c. a trendy and attractive shoes

d. a brand and bright color shoes

12. Why does the writer admire her friend?

a. She likes wearing an international trade mark shoes.

b. She always wants to be a trendy and attractive woman.

c. She has the most suitable shoes on her physical appearance. 

d. She really has perfect appearance with her wonderful shoes.

13. Writer writes the text in order to …

a. describe her friend's style and her new shoes.

b. explain an international trademark shoes.

c. share her experience with her friend.

d. tell blowfish shoes products.

14. “She really has perfect appearance.” The word "she" refers to …

a. the writer.

b. a close friend.

c. the writer's friend. 

d. a blowfish women's shoes

Read the text to answer questions 15 to 17!

         Boyolali regency is located in north of Solo and east of Merapi and Merbabu Mountains. This regency has been known for its production of fresh milk for a long time. No wonder, the cow statues adorn Boyolali town.

          There are six main cow statues in Boyolali. They are displayed in different places. The statues are made of concrete. The colour and shape are made in such a way to resemble the real cows. However, the size is made bigger to catch the eye.

          Besides decorating the town, the statues also turn out to be helpful for people from out of town to find places they are seeking in Boyolali. By mentioning the position of the statue, people can get their way easily.

15. " ... they are seeking in Boyolali" (paragraph 3)

What does the underlined word refer to?

a. People from out town

b. Places in Boyolali.

c. Cow statues.

d. Real cows.

16. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?

a. The statues help people to find places easily.

b. The statues decorate the town beautifully.

c. The cow can get their way easily around the town.

d. The people from out of town easily find the statues.

17. The text mainly tells us about ....

a. the colour of the statues

b. cow statues in Boyolali

c. a town called Boyolali

d. how to raise cows

Read the text to answer questions 18 to 20!

         Most people in the world have a pet. I also have it. My pet is a dog, named Miko. Its color is brown. It has brown eyes, too. I got this pet from my friend at the beginning of 2009. He bought it from a pet shop in his country. Once a week, my mother bathes him. He is funny and smart. It often plays with my neighbour's dog. I love him very much because he can be my friend, too.

18. Miko's eyes are .......

a. black

b. white

c. brown

d. dark brown

19. The writer got the pet from ........

a. his neighbor

b. a pet shop

c. his friend

d. his mother

20. What is the text about ........

a. My lovely dog

b. My best friend

c. My pet shop

d. My neighbour's pet

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