Anecdote text about Getting Lost in a Mall with 10 Multiple choices test and key answer

          Teks anekdot adalah jenis tulisan singkat yang mengisahkan suatu peristiwa atau kejadian lucu, menarik, atau bermakna yang dialami oleh seseorang. Anekdot biasanya ditulis untuk menghibur, menyampaikan pesan moral, atau memberikan wawasan tertentu kepada pembaca. Meskipun anekdot sering kali bersifat humoris, tujuannya bisa lebih luas, termasuk mengkritik sesuatu atau menyampaikan pengalaman hidup yang berharga.

          Ciri khas dari teks anekdot adalah narasi yang padat, fokus pada satu peristiwa utama, dan biasanya melibatkan karakter-karakter yang jelas dan situasi yang spesifik. Teks ini sering kali dimulai dengan pengenalan latar belakang yang singkat, diikuti oleh peristiwa inti, dan ditutup dengan akhir yang mengejutkan atau penuh makna. Penulisan anekdot memerlukan keterampilan untuk menyampaikan cerita dengan cara yang singkat namun tetap mampu menangkap perhatian dan emosi pembaca

          Berikut Anecdote text about Getting Lost in a Mall with 10 Multiple choices test and key answer

Anecdote: Getting Lost in a Mall

          When I was ten years old, I had my first experience of getting lost in a mall. My family and I had gone to the largest shopping center in our city, an enormous structure with countless shops and winding corridors. Entranced by the dazzling displays of toys and colorful clothing, I wandered away from my parents, my curiosity pulling me deeper into the maze of stores. Before I realized it, I was alone, surrounded by unfamiliar faces and towering shelves.

          Panic set in as I tried to retrace my steps, but everything looked different from this new perspective. I turned down one hallway after another, each seeming to lead me further away from where I had last seen my parents. I remember my heart racing and tears welling up in my eyes. I felt a mix of fear and embarrassment, imagining how worried my parents must be. In my young mind, the mall transformed from a place of wonder to a bewildering labyrinth with no exit.

          Eventually, a kind store employee noticed my distress and approached me. She took me to the customer service desk, where an announcement was made over the loudspeakers. Hearing my name called out was a relief, and it wasn’t long before my parents arrived, their faces a mix of concern and relief. That day, I learned an important lesson about staying close to family and the kindness of strangers in times of need.

Multiple Choice Test

1. Why did the narrator get lost in the mall?

A) They were playing hide and seek.

B) They wandered away from their parents out of curiosity.

C) They were chasing a toy.

D) They were distracted by a phone.

2. How did the narrator feel when they realized they were lost?

A) Excited and adventurous.

B) Angry and frustrated.

C) Panicked and scared.

D) Happy and carefree.

3. What did the mall initially seem like to the narrator?

A) A simple place with few stores.

B) A small, cozy shopping area.

C) A large, confusing maze.

D) A familiar, easy-to-navigate space.

4. What did the narrator try to do after realizing they were lost?

A) They sat down and waited.

B) They asked another child for help.

C) They tried to retrace their steps.

D) They continued to explore the mall.

5. Who helped the narrator when they were lost?

A) A police officer.

B) Another child.

C) A store employee.

D) A passerby.

6. Where did the store employee take the narrator?

A) Back to the entrance.

B) To the customer service desk.

C) To a toy store.

D) To a security office.

7. What was announced over the loudspeakers?

A) A sale in the toy department.

B) The store’s closing time.

C) The narrator’s name.

D) A fire drill.

8. How did the narrator feel when they heard their name over the loudspeakers?

A) Embarrassed and shy.

B) Relieved and happy.

C) Annoyed and impatient.

D) Indifferent and bored.

9. How did the parents react when they found the narrator?

A) They were angry and scolded the narrator.

B) They were indifferent.

C) They were concerned and relieved.

D) They were amused and laughing.

10. What lesson did the narrator learn from this experience?

A) Not to go shopping again.

B) The importance of exploring on their own.

C) To stay close to family and the kindness of strangers.

D) That malls are too confusing to visit.

Key Answer

  1. B
  2. C
  3. C
  4. C
  5. C
  6. B
  7. C
  8. B
  9. C
  10. C

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