The Implementation of Preview, Question, Read, Self-recite, and Test (PQRST) Strategy towards Students’ Reading Attitude at SMP

 The Implementation of Preview, Question, Read, Self-recite, and Test (PQRST) Strategy towards Students’ Reading Attitude at SMP

PQRST Strategy

There are many teaching reading strategy that introduced and developed by the experts. One of them is Preview, Read, Question, Self-recite and Test (PQRST) strategy. According to Pettersson, PQRST can improve memory from reading by its steps : Preview, Question, Reading, Summary, Test). The method is intended to improve the students’ ability and remember materials presented in the textbooks. The PQRST method relies on the three basic principles in improving memory they are

1.      Organizing the materials

2.      Elaborating the materials

3.      Practicing retrieval.

Theoritically, Wormeli stated that PQRST can be very useful in reading comprehension. PQRST stands for :

P- Preview the main parts

Preview is the first step in PQRST strategy. Teacher can use the preview to observe the book in general. Teacher can guide the students to read the title, table of contents, the references, glossary, or index. By previewing the main parts, readers can find the important points, understand the big picture of the book contents, and determine the important things that must be undestood without reading the whole contents.

Q- Develop question that comes to your mind

Question is the follow-up from the preview step. A good question can be made by: reading a text; make a prediction using the question from the heading; using what,where, who, when, and how that direct to high order thinking; write the question to be questioned to other person. There are several benefits from Question steps such as: help the readers to know what to search in the text; push the readers to see the text clearly; help the readers to pay attention more to the text, improve the concentration of reading, help the readers to prepare the test to get the better score;enable the readers to predict kinds of questions that will be appeared in the test.

R – Read the material

Read is the third process of PQRST strategy. The activities that can be done in reading are: find the answer from the previous question; give some marks or signs in some important parts; re-read the important parts until you understand what you have read. By the reading process, readers will prepare their mind to receive new knowledge and informations and reduce the amount of time that takes to learn.

S – Self-recite the central idea or theme

This activity is a comprehensive steps to make sure that the new informations will settle as a new knowledge in a long time. This activity is also a step to select and sort the information that is needed by the readers or not. The steps are: find the main idea; make a short summary and take a note for every parts; write down the important points; make a mindmap if it is needed. By doing the self-recite will make the readers easy to understand the text because they write the text in their own language.

T – Test yourself by answering the question

Test will be done to make sure that the readers are understand the text well. If it is possible, teacher can measure attitude, knowledge and skill in a same test. If the test do by teacher formally, the questions are expected to accomodate high order thinking questionsand give feedback from the results of the test. This test session make the readers or students prepare to join a test and facillitate the existing understanding into a full understanding.

Wormeli also stated that the indicators of PQRST are as follows

1.      Preview, before reading the text, previewing must be done as the first activity

2.      Question, before reading the text, questioning is activity that must be done

3.      The third step is reading the text to find the complete information

4.      After reading the text, state the idea to ensure to ensure the understanding of the reader after reading the text

5.      Last section is testing the comprehension itself.





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