Teaching and Learning Process

 Teaching and Learning Process

Teaching is guiding and facilitating learning, enabling the learner to learn, setting the condition for learning. The teacher as the facilitator should give the facility to the learners in the learning process. He must select the teaching material related to the learners need. Richards et, al. (1992:7) suggest that the principles of developing teaching materials are:

a.       Careful selection of what to be taught.

b.      Improving limits on what is to be taught.

c.       Arranging what is to be taught in term of the four skills.

d.      Grading materials from simple to complex.

In teaching, the teacher should be able to choose effective methods of teaching toexpose every material, since all method have their advantage and disadvantage. There are many kinds of methods in language teaching, but there is no best method of teaching that will suit all occasions.

While, learning is a process of gain some knowledge or skill by study. Languagelearning is a process. A child learns his first language step by step. Since he does not go to school at his age, he does not learn his first language by studying the rules formally, but through experience. Concept development of language goes along with the experience.

Brown (1980:8) states that learning is acquiring or getting of knowledge of a subject or skill by study, experience, or instruction. According to this definition, knowledge or skill about language use can be gained by the learners through the study in the classroom or through experience in his life. During the process of learning, there are changes of learners behavior. They will get the knowledge or skill that they have not had before as the result of learning. Kimbley and Garmezy, as quoted by Brown (1980:7), states that learning is a relatively permanent change in a behavioral tendency and is the result of reinforced practice. The changing of learners behavior and knowledge will depend on the effort as of both the teacher and the learners. If the teacher uses appropriate methods in teaching, it will be easier for the learners to study the materials. In this case of learning, the learners study the material consciously and practice it in order to get good results.

From the explanation above, it can be inferred that learning:

a.       Is a process of acquiring or getting knowledge.

b.      Is getting information or skill.

c.       Involves active and conscious efforts, inside or outside of the classroom.

d.      Is relatively permanent, but subject to forgetting.

e.       Involves some form of practice, perhaps reinforced practice.

f.       Is a change in behavior.





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