Advantages of Preview, Read Actively, Review (P2R) Strategy

 Advantages of Preview, Read Actively, Review (P2R) Strategy

According to Diana L. Van Blerkom, there are many advantages to Preview, Read Actively, Review (P2R) strategy, they are:

1.      Build background for reading Previewing gives students an overview of what the text is about, it also helps to build some backgrounds on topics that may not be familiar to students. The preview can also remind students of information that they already know and it can help students access long-term memory and “make accessible” information related to the new topics that students will be reading about. That can help students understand the material more easily.

2.      Increases comprehension Even a 2 to 5 minute preview can help students understand the text better. A number of research studies have found that previewing can increase comprehension 10 to 20 percent.

3.      Increases interest and motivation Although students may originally have felt that the text would be uninteresting and rather boring, students might find during the preview that the text seems interesting. When students are more interested in the material, they will be more motivated to read and pay attention to the material.

4.      Prepares students’ text for later review As students highlight or take notes, preparing their text for later review. Students are identifying the important information and condensing it, so that they can study more their exams effectively. When students create word cards as they read or generate questions in the margin of the text or in the margin of the notes, they are preparing study aids in the form of self-tests that they can use to prepare for exams.

5.      Monitors students’ learning Reviewing the material after reading gives students opportunity to reinforce the important information and monitor students’ comprehension and memory of it.





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