Speaking Ability through Task Based Language Teaching (TBLT)” ( PRE EXPERIMENTAL)

This chapter consists of background, problem statement, objective, significance, and scope of the research.
A.      Background
Language is the most important form of human communication. Language is used to communicate with others and it permits sharing of ideas and experiences. That is why millions of students want to learn English. They need to communicate with other people, especially with people from other countries but many students have learnt English for many years at school but they still cannot use that language in oral production or in other words, they cannot communicate well with the others by using English.
Communication takes oral, written, and gesture form. It must be acknowledged that the most often used in communication is oral form. In the classroom, it is not easy for the teachers to guide the students to speak English since the students are not expressing themselves to speak except if they get involved in an active interaction. For some students learning to speak is obviously more difficult than learning to understand spoken language. One who wants to speak to others sometimes faces more troubles in producing his ideas, argument, or feeling communicatively, one sometimes can understand what others say but they are not able to communicate.
In teaching English for speaking skill, the English teacher must be creative to design many communication activities in the classroom that urge and motivate students to use the language actively and productively. For this, teachers have to be aware that the students are used to inhibit in the way of how many times and how much time they speak in the classroom. They merely pull it down because the frequency to speak is still limited. Students also do not know what to say and how they communicate their ideas to others. In addition, the situation and condition in the classroom are still less in normal active speaking situation. Domination will always go to the active students. That is why the teachers mostly focus on who is active. ?? ?????????????


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