Children Songs as Media in Teaching English Pronunciation ( Classroom action Research)

This chapter discusses the general background of the study. It also presents the reasons for choosing the topic. Moreover, it presents statements of the problem, objectives of the study, significance of the study and limitation of the study. It also gives the outline of the study.
1.1.  General Background of the Study
As we see, children’s curiosity is very high. As Donald (2004: 4)  says that (the child) actively tries to make sense of the world and asks questions, (2001, 4). They will try to search information about something that they want to know. They also ask something that they feel new and strange for them. They ask adults or people around them everything they want to know. Indeed they ask the information to people they have just known. 
Because of the high curiosity of children, I view that children songs are very good as media to teach English pronunciation. It is because the language that is used in the songs is English. Children are not accustomed to English. And based on that reason, children will try to do any efforts to know much about the songs. If the children have a willing  to know the songs, they will try to learn anything related to the songs.
Here, I emphasize the pronunciation of English. I choose the pronunciation because of the differences between the two languages-English and Indonesian. There are many differences between English and Indonesian especially in pronunciation. As we see, the differences between English and Indonesian are very significant. Therefore, there are many students of Elementary School especially the students of SDN 01  Sekaran Gunungpati, who pronounce English words in correctly.????????


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