reading comprehension through communicative tasks (PRE EXPERIMENTAL)


This chapter deals with some background, problem statement, objective of the research, significance of the research and scope of the research.
A.      Background
                        In the globalization era, English plays an important role especially in international communication and in the development of education, politics, economy, and tourism. Many people use it as a means of the international communication it is considered as one of the international languages that are most widely used all over the world.
      By reading we can get information, knowledge and pleasure. Today there are so many books are written in English. Since the students study at the elementary school, junior high school, they have been taught English. The priority of teaching English in school is reading because it can cover the three other skills. The people who always read books written in English, they will be easier to do the other skills as ( Achsin, 1985 : 36 ) states that reading skills involves the three other skills : listening, speaking, and writing.
      Reading skills is important because it can help the students to find information about the general knowledge or the subject of school. The successful students in reading will them selves ( Barbara, 1980 : 34 ). Through reading the students or the people can improve their own knowledge, experience and develop new concept and broaden their horizon of thinking which are needed to ensure the continue personal growth and adapt the changes in the world.
      The technique of English teaching is necessary to develop especially in teaching reading because the technique of teaching influences the students’ success so the teacher of English must select suitable method, techniques and materials to teach.
      Many approaches or techniques have been applied in the English curriculum in general the technique in teaching reading found at high school is comprehension questions answering exercises. We can improve the teaching of reading in order that the students are actively involved in reading class particularly in the given in task. In curriculum 2004, it is expected that the students understand the implicit meaning and stage or theoretical development in written text in the form of narrative, procedure, spoof/recount, report and news item and they can identification main idea and they can read well.
      Realizing such condition, English teacher are demanded to be more creative in presenting their lesson, particularly reading material?????


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