A.      Background
English, as a worldwide language, plays an important role in the development of science and technology. English as foreign language involves four skills, namely: speaking, writing, reading and listening. In teaching English, those skills must be taught interestedly as much a possible. These component can not be separated because they are important taught integrated. Gunnarsson (1997:5) states speaking, writing, reading and listening overlap one another and in some cases certain learning in one progression is a prerequisite for learning in another. The interrelationship between them also mean that no one strand should be considered on its own.
In Indonesia, English is taught as a foreign language and become a compulsory subject focusing
from the elementary school up to university levels. As we know English teaching used in elementary school up to university levels, are : oral and written. Oral communication is a two way process between speaker and listener (or listen) and involve the productive skill of speaking and receptive skill of understanding (or listening with understanding).
In listening comprehension, we don’t only need to involve any overt responses on the part of the students; on the other hand dictation involves the ability not only to understand a sequence of text read aloud but also to reproduce it in writing.
Zemach and Islam (2006:1) states writing is an important form of communication in day-to-day life. Writing is also one of the most difficult skills to master both first language and second language. Students can find it challenging to find ideas to include in their writing.
Some researchers have shown that the result of the students writing at school is still poor, especially in writing paragraph. The students often make errors in grammar, such as errors in the choice of tenses, nouns pronouns and vocabulary. It was happen because they are rarely done in writing exercise.
One reason for learning to write is to transmit ideas to other people, especially those who are at a distance of space.  In learning language, writing helps the students reinforce the grammatical structure, idioms and vocabulary. When the students write, they also have change to be adventurous with the language, to go beyond that have just learned to say, to take a risk. In other words,  they become involved with the language.
There are some factors that influence the student’s ability to write. These are the vocabulary, the interest on the topic given, the interest of students in learning writing, the time to teach writing in English course and the techniques. So that the students can improve their ideas into good writing. In English writing many techniques can be applied as West in Tan ( 2009: 4) states that the teacher vary in the techniques they applied in teaching writing and students differ in their learning. Free writing exercise helps the students generate, organize and express their ideas in their own sentences by making a paragraph of letter and a long composition or essay. In grade one and two, the students are?>??????????????


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