Increasing the Students’ Speaking proficiency through Cooperative Script (CS) Method (Classroom Action research)


A.  Background
Learning English means that learning language. Language should be applied orally. One skill to apply language is speaking. Speaking skill is one of the main points to master English because it is required to communicate ideas, opinion and comments with other people in discussion situation. So that’s way the researcher will focus on speaking skill.
Most difficult part of the task of the teachers in the teaching English especially in speaking class laid on how to encourage students to speak. The student often reluctant to speak when they in valve in speaking class activities. Why are the students reluctant to speak English? Actually there are several factors determine it. Some of them are motivations, needs, attitudes, and students learning style which are called internal factors. The other factor is external factor, such as environments, family, teacher and learning process in the class.
 Speaking is an interactive process of constructing meaning that involves producing, receiving, and processing information. In teaching speaking process, the teacher should be able to make students are active during the class. Hence, the teacher should choose approach, method, strategy or technique in speaking so that all students in class are active and able to participate.
The researcher has found similar case at SMP Negeri 1 Bontolempanagn, where the students cannot express their ideas clearly. They do not know what they must say and how to say, they look very confuse to express the ideas on their mind even not active enough on their speaking class. and it can be seen as the last score of the students that almost do not achieve minimal criteria 6.5. According to the teacher’s experiences that the problem relates directly to the teaching method and how the teacher delivers material. There is no specific method to teach English, we are not controlling the class but we are controlled by the class and situation. Speaking is the most important lesson that the students should be mastered, but in fact speaking becomes the most difficult lesson to understand by the students, so that the speaking always becomes passive class in every meeting.   
Based on the fact as previous problem above, then, the researcher emphasized the problem and tried to investigate what idea came in her mind and began to collect her literatures based on the problem, analyzed focus of the problem and appropriate extends that would be needed to be practice driven in this research preparation. Her research is about speaking in early production or???????????????????????????????????????


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