Outdoor Classical Music As An Alternative Media for Teaching Students in Writing Descriptive Text (EXPERIMENTAL)

            In the first chapter, the writer gives the background of the study, reasons for choosing the topic, statement of the problems, objectives of the study, significance of the study, research method, and outline of the research.
1.1 Background of the Study
In Indonesia, English is treated as the first  obligatory foreign language taught as one of the compulsory subjects in the first-year class of Junior High School until the third-year class of Senior High School. Even recently, English has been taught in Elementary School or Kindergarten.  This educational policy reflects the awareness of the Indonesian government towards the importance of English as the International language. So, the government  has tried some endeavors, such as improving and developing the curriculum suitable for schools in every grade. It can be viewed from the curriculum that is used right now is School Based Curriculum (KTSP). Nowadays many Indonesian people keep trying to improve their English
by taking either formal or non-formal courses such as private English courses. 
Meanwhile, in our real life we know that the portion of writing in learning and teaching process in some schools is little and also the ability in writing descriptive text for students is still low. It is caused by many factors; one of them is the teaching strategy used by teachers in schools. They still use traditional or conventional method. This method only emphasizes the students to keep silent in the class while listening to their teacher’s explanation without discussion; as a result it is hard for them to master their skills in writing. Finally, the students cannot improve their creativity and imagination.
On the other hand, they will find some difficulties to write descriptive text in English because they have to master vocabulary, spelling, diction, and grammar. Like learning languages in general, learning English involves the mastery of four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Usually four basic skills are taught integrated. Here the writer focuses only on??????????????????????????????


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