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The Use of Short Play in Teaching Speaking (Descriptive)


A.  Background
Language consists of some elements namely grammar, structure, vocabulary, pronunciation, and spelling. Those elements cannot neglect in the teaching of the language skill. Among those language elements the writer focuses her attention on speaking.
English as an international language plays an important role for communication in Indonesia; it is becoming more and more important with the involvement of the government. In the teaching English, the English teachers are insisted to be creative to design many communicative activities in the classroom that motivate students to use the language actively and productively. Anyhow, it is not easy for the teachers to guide the students to speak English in that classroom. Especially in speaking class since many students are frightening to give small talk in the classroom (Vasille, in Muliati 1990: 5).
It is not enough for the students to hear or to listen to the speech only, however, the teachers should make on effort to create their ideas interesting with various activities, methods techniques and material in order to improve the students’ speaking skill, in this sense, one activity that can be expected to help students in improving their speaking skill with performing short play in the classroom. Because speaking is one of the important factors to increase the mastery of English of any new language.


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