Teaching and Learning Paradigm in Pandemic Covid 19

 Teaching and Learning Paradigm in Pandemic Covid 19

According to Reimers et al (2020: 3) As the COVID-19 Pandemic runs its course, many governments are implementing measures that limit the number of people congregating in public places. Such measures have disrupted the normal functioning of schools and universities. Because the duration of such measures has been extensive and is likely to continue in some countries for a certain time until a vaccine becomes available – leaders of public and private education institutions have put in place alternative methods for students and teachers to continue with their lessons when attending school is not possible and are working on methods that will make schools fit for working in a safe environment.

Based on Pokhrel and Chhetri (2021: 134) Lockdown and social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have led to closures of schools, training institutes and higher education facilities in most countries. There is a paradigm shift in the way educators deliver quality education through various online platforms. The online learning, distance and continuing education have become a panacea for this unprecedented global pandemic, despite the challenges posed to both educators and the learners.

The current situation of COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia has made all teachers and students work from home doing all the teaching and learning online. According to Male et al (2021: 1628) Due to the uncertain situation of COVID-19 pandemic, the teaching and learning activities are now fully done online for over two months. The idea of teaching and learning activities is not new way to do. What happens to the students are they get bored when everything should be done online. The lectures also assign them to do the exercises/task or projects to work and submit online.

The learning process in schools is the best public policy tool as an effort to increase knowledge and abilities. In addition, many students think that school is a very fun activity, they can interact with each other. Schools can increase social skills and social class awareness of students. However, now the activity called school stopped suddenly because of the Covid-19 pandemic with the sudden arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, the education sector in Indonesia needs to follow the path if it can help school conditions in an emergency. Schools need to force themselves to use online methods (Hariyati 2020: 3-4).


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