Concept of Internet Based Technology or ICT

Concept of Internet-Based Technology or ICT

Pokhrel and Chhetri (2021: 134) point out the Transitioning from traditional face-to-face learning to online learning can be an entirely different experience for the learners and the educators, which they must adapt to with little or no other alternatives available. The education system and the educators have adopted “Education in Emergency” through various online platforms and are compelled to adopt a system that they are not prepared for.

Bsed on Tran (2015: 11) Information and communication technology (ICT) is the combination of informatics technology with other, related technologies, specifically communication technology. The role of ICT as a subject has become increasingly important in secondary schooling. More than this, as an emerging trend to relate the use of technology in contemporary life to education processes, from computer searches to visual displays, and to an ability to write algorithms, ICT education plays an important role in secondary education, especially in the process of empowering teachers and using a wider variety of teaching techniques in all educational activities.

According to Martínez et al (2020: 2) Technology is becoming increasingly present in different areas of society, impacting on people’sdaily lives. The transformations in the field of educational are a reflection of this. These advances havefacilitated the development of new educational practices that improve the teaching-learning processesof students. The new educational practices seek equality and respect for differences between people. This would be impossible without the inclusion of technologies in education that promote the development of newmethods and forms of learning that reduce inequalities and makes it more inclusive. Thus, it is not only a question of using ICT in the classroom, but rather one of proposing methodological changesthat transform the quality of life of people for a more sustainable approach.

In addition Gillett and Swan (2017: 21) teaching with technology is not a one size fits all approach as it depends on the types of technology in use at the time and also the curriculum content being taught. This means that the incorporation of technology provides additional factors for consideration in terms of teaching pedagogy and construction of learning experiences.


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