Concept of Online Learning

 Concept of Online Learning

In Slimi (2020: 45) states the online learning is a process of learning and teaching based on the separation of the instructor and the learner in time and place under the mediation of technology delivery with the possibility of face to face interaction

According to Male et al (2021: 1628) Online learning is learning to use technology, for example computers. The behavior or attitudes of students can be influenced by online learning by computer and even affect the attitudes and behavior of a teacher, these indicate that teacher have positive attitudes towards computer assisted instruction, and they trust their selves to use computers.

Based on Kundu and Bej (2020 2) Online learning is no longer an innovation but has become the global norm to the majority of the institutions during this pandemic new normal. Here students’ readiness for online learning is very vital that necessitates the needs of evaluating their perceptions on the importance and confidence on this shift because perception is the personal interpretation of information from our perspective that affect our emotions and behaviors, and our emotional and behavioral reactions also help shape our environments and skew our beliefs of those environments

Schulte (2021: 15-17) defines postive and negative of the suing online class. The benefits of Online learning allows for efficient access to information, which means students can access posted material at any time. They can re-watch lectures, look back on past discussions, and review anything in the past, which is harder to do in a face-to-face setting. And the negative of using online classs students in online courses also need to be more disciplined and responsible with their learning since they are self-directing their education. This is often an issue because many students do not have sufficient self-discipline and self-direction skills. Additional support and assistance should be available to students taking online courses, but this is rarely the case


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