Definition of Words Chains Games
Words chain game is a game on RCTI. This game is a words game which is called “kata berantai”. The purpose or playing this game is to increase and develop the students’ vocabulary mastery. The game involves the participant into two groups, they are three persons in each groups. In the game the presentation of this game is divide into two session, for group one, teacher asks to the students to complete the first word by looking at the first letter as the clue will place above the word. If the first group is fail, the group one will be replaced by the group two and the letter is add. This action will continue until the word can be answered. In the second session, the winner of the group with three persons tries to guess the word. First person and third person will describe the words in turn and the second person tries to guess the word. Below is the example of the chain words game. Words chain game often plays in other forum, it goes like this:
I start out with a word, the next person who posts add a word that is related to the previous word in some way.
First Session                                      
S……                                                  G…….
F……                                                  P…….
V……                                                 E…….
S……                                                  S…….
S……                                                  S…….

This is a simple of first session with direction as follows:
Students complete the first word by looking at the first letter, the answer are:
Smile                                                   Game
Face                                                     Popular
Value                                                   English
Shopping                                             Study
Store                                                    Students

Second session
First person                                         Third person                            second person
Drawing                                                On
The paper                                                                        Answer:          Painting
Direction :
First person and third person will describe the words in turn and the second person tries to guess the word. There is something to remember that the word chain game is play on RCTI in Indonesia, now how to apply this game in class is of course will different. The differences are :
 1) Language, in RCTI this game is played by using Indonesia language but in the classroom it only uses English.
2)  Number of participants, in RCTI the space is a small with six chairs for first session and three chairs for second session, but in the class there are many students follow this game, there is not limit to join this game. This game must be considered by the teacher, and the last.
3) Media, in RCTI this game is presented with sophisticate technology, but on the contrary in class it is presented by using cards, from cartoon, paper or write on the blackboard.
            Things to ponder by the teacher before the presentation are:
1). Ask the students to bring the dictionary
2). Make the students at ease
3). Get them away from feeling nervous and tense
4). Explain how to play the game very well.
            This game is very challenging and useful for the students. Considering that they are challenge to guess the words with only from the words also. And it a also competitive game so the students will not be bored.
            There are many kinds of game in teaching vocabulary. Words chain game is one of the games that can be a good choice for the teacher in teaching English. What they have to do is only make the rule of the game and prepare some clue words to the students. And if the teacher wants to make the result better they can also prepare a gift for the winner of the game at the end as a motivation for the students.


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