Speech Act in Pronunciation

Speech Act in Pronunciation
Definition of Speech Act
Speech act to refer to an utterance and the total situation in which the utterance is issued. Today the term speech act is used to mean the same illocutionary act, in fact you’ll find  the terms speech act illocutionary act, illocutionary force, pragmatic force of just force, all used to mean the same thing although the use of one rather than another may imply different theoretical positions. Austin in Jenny Thomas (1995:51)
speech act
Speech act  is a technical term in  linguistics  and the  philosophy of language.  Speech acts can be analysed on three levels: illocutionary act, the performance of an utterance: the actual utterance and its ostensible meaning, comprising phonetic, phatic and rhetic acts corresponding to the verbal, syntactic and semantic aspects of any meaningful utterance; an  illocutionary act: the semantic 'illocutionary force' of the utterance, thus its real, intended meaning ; and in certain cases a further perlocutionary act: its actual effect, such as persuading, convincing, scaring, enlightening, inspiring, or otherwise getting someone to do or realize something, whether intended or not (Austin, 1975:3)
Kinds of Speech Act
According to Austin in Fasold (1990: 152) there are three different kinds of action associated with any utterances. They are locutionary acts, illocutionary acts, and perlocutionary acts.
a)      Locutionary Acts
They are simple acts of saying something and meaning the thing speaker says or the acts of saying something in the full normal sense of saying. Or the actual words uttered.
b)      Illocutionary acts
They are what are done in the acts of saying something. Illocutionary acts have to do with intents of speakers, such as or stating, questioning, promising, or commanding.
c)      Perlocutionary acts
They are the effects that are produced by the speaker by saying what the speaker says. Sometimes when we say something, we produce certain consequential effects upon the feelings, through, or action of the hearer, or of the speaker or of other person


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