Classroom Interaction in Speaking

Classroom Interaction
Classroom interaction is the action performed by the teacher and the students during instruction interrelated.  They interact with one another for a number of different reason and on a continued basis throughout the school day. Classroom interaction covers classroom behaviors such as turn-taking, questioning and answering, negotiation of meaning and feedback (Craig Chaudron, 1988: 10)
People learn throught interaction. Interaction is the natural way for people to learn (Hiltz, 1994 as citied in Maatta et al., 2012). Since chillhood, people develop their understanding and knowledge by interacting with peers and adult (Vygotsky, 1978 as citied in Frey et al., 2009). Even, from the beginning,educators like Socrates have known that knowledge is built and extended through interaction (Frey et al, 2009).
Clasroom Interaction in Speaking
Brown (2001) states that interaction is the collaborative exchange of thoughts, feelings, or ideas between two or more people, resulting in a reciprocal effect on each other. It is “human being use language in various contexts to “negotiate meaning”, or to get an idea out of one person’s head and into the head and into the head of another person and vice versa “(Brown, 2001). In other words, interaction is the exchange of meaning (Brown, 2001).
From the statements above we know that interaction in  the classroom is fundamental, because without it teaching  learning process in the classroom will not exist. A good interaction will make messages transmission success and create a good interpersonal relationship between the teacher and students, so the students’ achievement in language acquisition can be increased


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